The new erotic fantasies include fetish and tickle

Erotic fantasies

The new erotic fantasies include fetish and tickle

Erotic fantasies are so individual, so unique and personal! Everybody has his own world of erotic imagination.

Some of the fantasies are never experienced. Maybe because we lack the opportunity. And sometimes because we are just afraid to live it up.

“What if I get addicted because I like it so much?”

Erotic fantasies

A fantasy is a kind of day-dream you have when you are awake. Your will has all the control over the fantasy, on how it works and also on all its details.

You can even refine them by adding or changing details. Because your imagination is powerful!

In other words, fantasies are conscious. We are aware of them and we can also take decisions to make them come true. Or keep them in the world of secret desires. As you wish!

“My erotic fantasy is a bear-style man. Just like you. My partner is smooth. Though hairy men turn me on very much. I never had a hairy masseur as you and I think touching you will feel sensually exciting”.

Erotic dreams

Dreams are uncontrollable though. They are the result of the most hidden gears in the sub-conscious. So you don’t have power over your dreams. You can wake up and remember them sometimes though. We are dreaming every night almost during all the sleeping time. Unfortunately we can’t remember all of them.

Erotic dreams are nice to analyse and study! At least to me!

You know many psychologists would be ready to help you with this task!

“I had an erotic dream, and when I woke up I remembered it. I am a straight man. But being touched by another male made me so horny that I need to try this. Well I woke up all wet. I must have ejaculated during that dream”.

This guy turned his erotic dream into an erotic fantasy. And then he decided to make it come true. So it became a project, something he put lots of effort into.

I can now tell this story because he visited. He had an extraordinary apotheosis. He told me his release was so abundant as it had been ever before.

Erotic fantasies and massage

Gay massage is always a very safe entourage for erotic fantasies. And of course I have had all kinds of customers with all sorts of unusual requests.

You can be sure you’ll feel extremely safe with me.

Sometimes they call it “fetish” and sometimes just fantasy. It is all in the huge universe of sexy desires.

I am very open to all kinds of suggestions. If I think I can make them I will agree.

And many more!

What is your special fantasy?

Erotic stories

Finally, you can also read my erotic stories, very accurate descriptions of some real massage sessions I gave!

From here I’d also like to encourage you to explore my blog and everything about gay fetish. You can also check my clients’ testimonials!

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