Emotional safety

Emotional safety

Emotional safety

Emotional safety, believe it or not, is a relevant aspect in my approach to gay massage.

All men, even the toughest and even most rogue guys, can have a breach in their emotional dimension.

I recently served an amazingly big, tall, strong and tough guy. The kind with many tattoos and a really deep voice. He surprisingly started crying like a boy after the massage session.

Though I guessed he would not spill out his heart, we did talk a short while. That’s when I decided to write about this.

What is emotional safety

Therapists say that fear is our most powerful enemy. Most of the times we get into very uneasy situations because of fear. Fear of failing, fear of rejection, fear of death, fear of loneliness. Even fear of poverty. Of course, these are the ultimate and most extreme situations.

On the opposite, we feel safe when everything we need in our lives is present and also under control.

Though life changes constantly. And our personal situations might also change in abrupt ways. Suddenly no job. Out of the blue, my lifetime partner found a new guy and quit me.

Emotional safety and massage

Though I chose to mention all these extreme situations for this post, we sometimes suffer from more subtle little shocks.

I can say this because it is something I experienced with a few customers. Though only with a really small percentage of men, it sometimes happens.

“You know, I just split with my boyfriend. I feel too emotional and everything seems to hurt me”.

This is why I believe erotic massage has to be respectful at all times. Because not everybody comes in and tells me his recent background.

So I act as respectful and balanced as I can. I never assume anything. There is a lot of observing in my job so I can feel what is happening with you. Not only on your body though, but in your emotional world as well.

You can’t believe how expressive the face of a massage receiver can be.

Emotional safety and sensuality

As you guess, erotic tantric massage is a very intimate experience. Sometimes the receiver feels many more things than I’m able to perceive. Though facial expressions sometimes leave me speechless.

“The way you touched me was exactly as my love always did. Suddenly I was in his arms. This is why I started crying. I miss tenderness like crazy”.

My mindful massage is able to recall the real feeling of love and tenderness. Anyway, as soon as I notice any over-reaction, I prefer changing the stimulation and use a different one.

Emotional safety and straight men

Straight men are also my customers. Many of them wish to test themselves.

“I needed to know how my body reacts to the presence of another naked man. Since I was a boy I felt this weird attraction. So now the day has come and I am confident enough to understand and assume whatever happens”.

Straight men need a very specific and respectful approach. The limits of each and every man are set on very different places. Sometimes these limits are blurry.

“Thank you for guessing my doubt. There is a deep ridge between what visually excites me and the skin contact itself. You have been able to restrain from touching my intimate parts. This is something not all masseurs can see”.

Emotional safety and intimate touch

Though not only straight men have their personal limits. Religion, social background and other factors are also extremely relevant.

This is why I have been posting content about Muslim massage customers, Mexican customers, Brazilian customers, French customers, Italian customers, Canadian massage customers.

Please feel free to call me! I will be very happy to answer whatever you need to know!

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