Efficiency in Spain

Efficiency in Spain

Efficiency in Spain

Why do foreign gay businessmen feel surprised about efficiency in Spain? I’m having a bitter-sweet feeling as I got this testimonial from a customer. It is a praise for my service but at the same time a rather sad evaluation about how Spain is looking to foreign gentlemen.

Efficiency in Spain

Efficiency in Spain is as frequent as everywhere else in the world. Many businessmen coming from abroad still value efficiency as a special and surprising asset. Not expected in Spain!

This customer from the United States is a successful businessman. That came clear through his first e-mail. His main question was about my massage rates.

“Are those rates displayed on your website true and final?”

“Absolutely! My massage rates are the same as published on this website”.

And his comment was:

“So your service is reliable and you are not a fake masseur”.

“Of course not!”

This man changed his appointment date and timeline four times in the previous two days and until just one hour before the final appointment. Honestly I doubted he was ever going to show up at the studio.

  • He changed appointment day and time four times.
  • He upgraded and downgraded many times.
  • He asked for a Gin & Tonic on arrival.
  • He requested to pay using his credit card.
  • He asked for a comb after his shower.
  • He requested a taxi to pick him up at the studio.

He didn’t mention any of these on his previous e-mails. Fortunately I could serve all he needed. This way I earned his praise and this testimonial about efficiency in Spain.

“Thank you for being efficient and reliable. All descriptions I read on your website are true. To the smallest detail. I didn’t expect this in Spain. So please take it as a compliment!”

Gay efficiency in Spain

This guy continued to surprise me with even more comments about efficiency in Spain. He also mentioned efficiency in gay industries.

“I guess you are efficient because you are a gay man. But anyway!”

Being gay is not a guarantee for anything. All gay men are different and have different approaches to their jobs and their private lives. We also might have a changing mood.

Are you concerned about efficiency and reliability?

I honestly hope my service gets your satisfaction!

Please check more about me and my service by visiting www.male-masseur.com

Or call me directly: +34 676 648 226

See you in Barcelona!

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