Easter gay massage

Easter gay massage

Easter gay massage

Easter gay massage is what many visitors also enjoy in Barcelona. Because after the whole tourist gig, your feet, your back and your whole being just need the right therapy!

Barcelona gets packed with visitors these days. Not just during Easter Holidays though. The rest of the year Barcelona gets millions of professional visitors as well. Most of them already know the benefits of massage.

Though erotic massage for gay men can reach a bit further!

Especially during your personal holidays. Because during some magical holidays you can suddenly make a new discovering.

Tantric sensuality? Because not everybody know erotic massage. I am also sure that many guys who tried it won’t even tell you!

It is anything bad a t all, though it’s something clearly personal and private. because it involves your intimacy.

Easter in Barcelona

In Barcelona we usually enjoy some very nice weather during the weeks around Easter. Blue skies, mild Spiring temperatures. Sometimes you’ll see people swimming in the sea as well!

The week of Easter holds a bunch of mysteries though. It somehow concentrates the symbol of a whole life. From Christ’s welcome to Jerusalem to Passion and his crucifixion. From love to hate, from cheer to cruelty.

Aldo from death to resurrection!

Fortunately we are living up the most colourful version of this Holidays! Coloured eggs, chocolate bunnies, cakes, cookies and family gatherings. It all helps us to enjoy a special week.

Though if you happen to be far away from the family you’ll also have the chance to discover some new stuff.

Curious about gay massage?

“I have always been very curious about sensual bodywork. So I finally decided to have it with you during these holidays. This can be very addictive though!”

“Besides, I always thought this is a sort of tacky service. But hell can you do it with some true elegance! You guys got the true talent for it! Amazing!”

Oftentimes prejudice is not the right advisor. So experiencing life for yourself might be the only way to judge it all. Besides, you are perfectly aware that other guy’s opinions are not always the same as yours.

Some more good news? You can choose the most convenient way to enjoy your gay massage!

We are right in the city center of Barcelona, so really close to you!

Easter gay massage in Barcelona

Erotic tantric massage for gay men is a very elaborate experience. Because it goes s bit further than massage. It is a very sensual approach to your most intimate world.

  • Awareness
  • Man on man sensuality
  • Sexual stimulation
  • Passionate massage
  • Different massage pressures
  • Body to body massage
  • Testicle massage
  • Discover new stimulation points
  • Control your climax
  • Edging massage for much longer enjoyment
  • Mutual touch
  • Naked gay massage
  • Final release

The genuine attitude is extremely relevant though. This is what a returning customer told me yesterday:

“I know you from previous years and it is a pleasure to meet you again and again! Because you are using always some different grips, adapting to my unique energies. Since we are evolving individuals, your bodywork is evolving as well. You got a natural talent that flows spontaneously. My compliments, again!”

Be safe and book in advance!

All of sudden I’m getting too many reservations in a very short period of time. So my friends who know me from previous massage appointments know I can get very busy. This is why they plan ahead of time.

Just call me! Or ask me anything you need to know!

Paco: +34676648226 

Though there’s almost everything answered on www.male-masseur.com

See you soon!

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