The most forgotten Ear-lobe massage


The most forgotten Ear-lobe massage

Ear-lobe massage is very common in Japan. But absolutely rare in Western countries instead.

Though more and more men are asking me to enjoy this special! Especially gay men who wish to have it included in my longest gay massage menus.

What is ear-lobe massage?

It is obviously about giving a massage to your ear-lobes. As we will see on this post ear-lobe massage has many benefits. It is also about personal preference.

Fetish ear-lobe massage

I have seen fetishes of all kinds, and ear-lobe massage is also a fetish to many a man. Most of the men have even more intimate or sensual fetishes that this. But the number of men willing to try this special ear-lobe digital massage is increasing steadily. I think it’s a matter of information. I mean, if you know it’s possible, you may ask for it.

Ear-lobe massage is also able to stimulate our sensual and tactile world. It also helps to connect with the sensual energy floods that are crossing our body and being.

Ear-lobe therapies

Human ear lobes have thousands of nerve connections to the brain. This means all the reflex stimulation as on our hands or our feet are also working. Because our ears are connected to our brains also in the tactile universe of sensual stimulation.

Benefits of ear-lobe massage

The benefits are of many kinds. The most common and fastest achieved goal is relaxation. In the most calm dimension of serenity.

Because the way I will massage your ear-lobes you will empty your mind and forget about stress. It is dangerous to forget about time and the next appointments though! But don’t worry, I will give you the session length that fits your agenda.

1. Calm

Calm is this valuable state of mind and body we should dive into more often. Because serenity is too seldom and so very highly needed in our stressful and busy lives. Treat yourself to a wonderful ear-lobe teat with me and recover the spirit of calm!

2. Mental focus

Mental focus is easily and so naturally achieved after this therapy! You will be surprised on how fast you can go back to work with an amazing increase of concentration power. It is not just the break you needed. This massage has an amazingly neat effect on your brain.

3. Stronger energy

A stronger energy is the first side-effect after waking up from this perfect treat. You will feel empowered and boosted as if you took several cups of coffee. Only that the energy you’ll feel is cleaner and not affecting your heart-rate.

4. Balance

Calm, mental clarity and focus, energy and sensual energy have the immediate effect of balance. Balance is also achieved without sensual stimulation of the ear-lobe massage.

5. Sexual energy

Ear-lobe massage can also awake your sensual desire. You will feel the urge to enjoy en erotic massage. You will maybe feel the need to masturbate. Usually men ask me if it allowed to touch me intimately.

At this point we can switch to an erotic gay massage if you say so.

You can ask me not to “go there” from the start. This way we will keep things under control. I will avoid stimulating your sensual energy using a restricted and legitimate ear-lobe massage.

Just call me to set up a meeting. Contact me!

Please specify if you wish it to be a ear-lobe only massage. Or else if you wish it to be a part of another gay massage therapy.

Please check al other therapies on massage prices.

You can also explore this website about massage!

See you soon in Barcelona!

You will find much more information in my Spanish language blog: El Masaje Prohibido!

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