Dry massage

Dry massage

Dry massage

Dry massage is when you do not use oils nor creams. Many men prefer a dry massage. What are the options for an erotic bodywork without any gliding produces?

“Please don’t use any oil on my body”

This is a more and more frequent request.

My answer? Absolutely!

I am always using hypo-allergenic high quality massage oils though. With a very discrete scent. Or no scent at all. Or with the scent you choose.

But we are speaking here about “no oils at all”.

“I don’t like the wet texture of oil, nor the scent!”

Whatever reason I will adapt to your preference!

What is a dry massage?

This is a way to tag this specific massage style. It is also possible and it needs developing a specific massage protocol and grips. I did it and it’s working super fine!

“Thank you so much for adapting to my weird request. I am aware of it!”

Massage is easier using oils. But we will play a whole different game.

Naked dry massage

To compensate the difficulty of the dry massage and to offer you something really special in all senses I developed this new massage style.

It fits into the category of naked massage.

We will be both naked to share a very intimate and sexy choreography.

Tantra massage is not just the awareness of your own body but also the intimate communication between our both bodies. You and me will be sharing soft caressing.

This is an extremely sexy bodywork!

Erotic massage

All my massages are sensual and erotic. In all of them climaxing can happen. It is a very desired side-effect. Ejaculation is the maximum expression of male pleasure.

The also called “happy ending” is the starting of your deepest sexual satisfaction.

Erotic dry massage is not only for your preference but also all about your craving for sexual excitement.

“It felt all so easy, you just gave me the massage experience I wanted and then some!”

Once a customer told me:

“I can’t imagine how the hell you could do a massage without using oils”.

Well it is not only possible but extremely exciting!

Dry massage in Barcelona

Now you are visiting Barcelona you have this amazing chance of living up the kind of massage you really want.

“No masseurs accept my request of not using oils. I guess they don’t have a clue”.

“This guy rolled his eyes and I was gone. Hello, I am the one who’s paying here!”

You found your masseur. And not just this. Because you’ll have an absolutely amazing time!

Order your sensual massage

As easy as calling or sending a message. When is the best time for you?

Paco: +34676648226

Finally, please check all my other fetish massages and see if you’d like to combine it somehow: www.male-masseur.com

See you soon!

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