Discrete hotel service

Discrete hotel service

Discrete hotel service

Discrete hotel service is a must if you are willing to enjoy a interactive tantric massage in your hotel room. So the most reliable gay masseurs in Barcelona are Paco, Matt, Jack, Leo and Angelo. We’ll serve you 24 hours.

Check our daddy masseur and also our young gay masseurs scrolling down.

Because you probably need to receive the visit by a masseur. A guy who is dressing like a businessman or in a discrete smart casual. Exactly as other hotel visitors!

Or maybe a well dressed man in a dark blue suit with blue shirt and blue tie. Also wearing black shiny shoes and the usual elegant behaviour of a businessman. That’s Paco making an out-call massage to serve you his best 90 or 120 minutes Extremely erotic massage menu.

Please say so when ordering the specific massage in a suit.

Otherwise, we’ll be wearing smart casual. Because also shorter versions of one hour or even 45 minutes are available.

Paco’s awareness of your need of discretion makes him unique serving hotels in Barcelona. No one will suspect you are enjoying a tantra massage at your hotel room. They will obviously think you are having a business interview with a customer or a provider.

Paco is not the only masseur though. Please start visiting this website from the home page: www.male-masseur.com

Here you’ll find more information and photographs.

Call us anytime +34 676 648 226

Paco for discrete hotel service

I am Paco, the guy writing this post. I am a male masseur serving gay men and straight men alike. Also gay couples and straight couples in Barcelona. My unique energies reach beyond any tag, no matter if gay, bisexual or heterosexual.

I am as tall as 1,85 m tall (6,1 feet), practicing muscular training 3x a week. I am a strong and hairy masseur, well built as you can see in the pictures. My hair is cut short or sometimes shaved, I am sporting a sexy and masculine beard.

If you care about expertise and reliability I’m your man. Because you sure want to enjoy my massage for it to be an oasis in your life. Sensuality and ecstasy will blossom in something deeply treasured: your smile of satisfaction.

So my only goal is fulfilling your desire of pleasure and well-being. Also relaxing both your body and mind. The special release will only come after your desire of sensuality has been stimulated for at least one hour. The special climax you’ll discover is only possible using tantric massage.

You need to know that male multi-climaxing is also possible!

Discrete young gay masseurs

If you prefer younger guys though you have more guys to choose from! Check the young gay masseurs in Barcelona!

Matt, Fred, Tyson and sometimes Jack are also available! All of us are extremely professional. You’ll soon have the proof!

Because the discrete hotel service you need deserves the best professionals. So the most talented and also aware of public spaces.

Discrete massage options

If you have any questions I will be very pleased to answer you. Please feel free to use the phone or the e-mail. Please send your messages to pacotantra@gmail.com

To choose your ideal massage please visit the prices menu at the website www.male-masseur.com

These are the main options:

No out-call fees applied. Please let me stress the fact that I am charging the same value for in-call tantric massages at my gay massage studio.

While the most frequent hotels I’m serving are in the center are of Barcelona. Sometimes also out of the city. Depending on the distance from the city center we would have to add some taxi expenses. Though the best way to find out is calling me.

Paco: +34676648226

See you soon in Barcelona!

You can also contact Matt directly on www.gay-massage.sexy

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