Dirty Tantra massage

Dirty Tantra massage

Dirty Tantra massage

“Dirty Tantra massage is the way I’d call this erotic massage you did on me. Sexy, frisky, very hot!”

Dirty Tantra massage

This is what my friend told me, my last customer yesterday. I would have never described my bodywork as “Dirty Tantra massage“. Though I understand how he was meaning it. And why he told me so.

“You are a genius! What you did to stimulate me has been absolutely amazing. I am a bit older than 60. As a gay man out the closet ever since I mean I have fucked a lot in my life. I can say I have tried everything. But I never felt any of this sensual bliss you have given me this evening. I am still astonished now in the afterglow of my climax.”

Dirty Tantra in Barcelona

This guy was visiting Barcelona as his holidays treat. He had been in town before the Olympic games of 1992. He observed the city has changed so much he could hardly recognize the places he knew.

Out-call service

I served this guy in his hotel room in Barcelona city center. He chose to have the massage inside his hotel room because it feels more intimate than visiting my gay massage studio in Barcelona. He also wanted to use all the time at hand for his enjoyment.

We met at the lobby since he needed a magnetic card to use the elevator to his room.

Gay Dirty Tantra

“I had a totally different massage in my mind. I still remember this Japanese guy who used my pain points. He uses them to perform an amazing Tantra massage I will never forget”.

Though having a previous experience in mind can be tricky sometimes. Remembrance turns into expectations and into a comparing system. I told him about this. He has proved to have a really open mind. So he abandoned to this new experience under the hands of a new masseur.

“Your touch is amazing. Eroticism is spilling out of your pores!”

I confess I altered a bit the massage protocol. Since i was having in mind some information he had pointed out. So I used a different pace, torturing him a lot, and avoiding his climax for a long long time. Call it edging massage if you will! He smiled and laughed all the time in pure and wild sensual enjoyment.

Discover the dirty bodywork

I also encourage you to try my dirty Tantra massage! It is spiritual like White Tantra, but much more daring and torturing than Red Tantra.

Call me and let’s discuss the details: contact me.

See you soon in Barcelona!

If you prefer it more on the sensual side you can also check Matt’s adventurous services.

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