Different prices —different services

Different prices

Different prices —different services

Different prices for different services, a concept that seems to be logical. Though some enterprises out there are offering “the same service”, but “for different incomes”. Namely “budget, regular and supporter”. Different prices for the same stuff.

Do you agree?

Why different prices?

As everything in life, different things have different costs. A mass produced plastic object does not have the cost and the value of a unique bronze sculpture. Mass production and hand crafted are absolutely opposite concepts in my opinion.

And if you see the plastic piece sold at the price off the bronze sculpture —or viceversa—, I guess you’ll agree with me that something’s fishy.

When you walk though the first rows on an aeroplane, you know the 12 first seats are “executive” or “first class”. You already know the price of flying executive can be 3 times the “economy” class. Because the services are absolutely different. From the seat comfort —and its amazing “sleep” position— to the fantastic wines and the gourmet catering.

In one word, not everything has the same value. And value and cost should be logically set.

Massage also has different prices

As simple as that, you can use this example also for massages. We are absolutely aware that a wealthy person can also choose the most simple massage because he just wants that precise service. Why should he pay for the most expensive if he doesn’t need it?

If he really wants the regular relaxing massage, there’s no need to perform the most intense session. Again, if he doesn’t want it. We are honest and we believe in our client’s honesty as well.

It’s exactly comparable to a person visiting a “junk food”restaurant. He might be rich, but he wants exactly that service at that time. Instead of a Michelin star restaurant.

Now take this example to the junk food company. What would you think if they offer you 3 different prices for exactly the same menu?

I guess we would doubt the cheapest version is even worse than the middle range. And this takes us to a spiral of “worse and worse”. Because less money means less quality. Then your competitors also lower their prices, and those businesses will all end up closing the shops.

On the other hand, if someone with a humble income needs to spend a bunch of euros more to experience our lushest erotic massage, why wouldn’t he? He will probably enjoy and value the experience as the really special and amazing event he wants to live up!

After all, massage is something affordable everyone can have. So we all have the freedom to choose. That’s very relevant to me: the freedom of choice.

“I am a cost aware person. This means I’m not wasting my money. I can see many of my friends buying stuff they don’t really need. Once they have it come home they wonder how come I bought this. Having this mindful approach to life is helping me also to manage my spendings”.

“Less frequent but top quality. I want the best for my money, not just some forgettable stuff”.

Different masseurs

Since differences matter, we can also offer you many alternative professionals. Because some gentlemen want an expert masseur, a hairy masseur or a butch masseur. While some other guys like them super endowed or alpha-males.

This is why we think it’s relevant you can choose among several exclusive masseurs.

And talking about differences! Some of them have different prices, different entry levels an different levels when it comes to intimacy.


We can’t understand how some masseurs are offering “the same service” for different prices. It’s even more difficult to see how they say so openly. Is it a desperate attitude? Do they sell less massages than others, and lower price is their only sales argument? Though this also means what a concerned client told me:

“Will I get the same even though I’m paying twice as much? I mean, are there no differences among all the massages?”

Fortunately, with Paco and with any of the exclusive masseurs you will always get more than what you’re paying for.

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