Different masseurs

Different masseurs

Different masseurs for different tastes. Fortunately there are so many masseurs to choose from in Barcelona! You will most probably find the male masseur fitting your needs and your preferences!

We are also here to help you finding him!

Matt, Paco, Jack, Leo, Tom and Yamal are the safest options in Barcelona. We are no scammers and no impostors. Our true calling is erotic Tantra massage! And we have the highest amount of recurring customers!

You can see more of our pictures here on our gay massage directory!

Different masseurs

Matt and Paco are very different in many aspects. Also Leo and Tom. On top of that, Yamal just finished an amazing training of Real Tantra.

As you can see on the picture, Matt is younger than Paco. He has a mostly smooth skin. He sports some sexy tattoos.

While Paco is taller, hairy, also strong and more on the “bear” side. Paco is what many call a “young daddy“. He is also extremely expert and very intuitive.

Yamal is our tallest guy, making almost 7 feet. He is 26 and masters a very special massage! He has some very sweet and expert hands. And some other assets of his are very big as well!

Different testimonials

We recently had a customer who requested a massage from me —this is Paco writing here. He absolutely enjoyed my massage.

“I’m feeling in heaven!”

He said during our session. The next day he went on exploring this website. Then called back to ask:

“What about Matt? Do you recommend him?”

Absolutely! This is our job and we are here to serve you whatever your preferences are!

After enjoying Matt’s massage this man called again. This time he said:

“Matt is absolutely amazing! But I guess the most amazing massage ever will be having you both at the same time. So let’s have a 4-hands massage!”

Different gay masseurs in Barcelona

And that’s what we did. The next night we served the most blissful four hands massage this man ever had. That’s what he stated!

“This is paradise on earth! Two sexy men just for me!”

After the massage we spent some time having a nice conversation. He said:

“You are both very professional. You are both sexy as hell. But you are so different from each other! I guess I needed you both! This has been a highlight in my life I will remember for a long long time!”

It might sound corny but this is our life. Since we like to make men happy. Giving satisfaction in the shape of erotic bodywork is our real calling.

Please go on checking our website www.male-masseur.com

Check our different massage menus. And some of our testimonials!

Finally, if you prefer some clearly escort services I suggest you visit Tom, Leo and Matt’s website.

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