Different masseurs

Different masseurs

Different masseurs

Different masseurs for different tastes. This is true since I am quite sure your preferences are different than your friends’. Everybody has his own style and his own preferences!

So why not choosing among many different male masseurs?

Fortunately there are so many masseurs to choose from in Barcelona! You will most probably find the male masseur fitting your needs and your preferences!

We are also here to help you finding him!

Before getting to the advertisers,let me introduce myself for a start. I am Paco.

My true calling is erotic Tantra massage! And I have the highest amount of recurring customers!

Of course I also know some other guys. Many masseurs contact me to work together or collaborate in some ways. This means we help each other.

This week Victor joined our team. See him here! He’s amazing! In more than a bunch of aspects!

Victor new masseur Barcelona

Victor new masseur Barcelona

Lately I’m having so many requests to work with me that I decided to create this new page where masseurs can advertise.

I’m proud to introduce you to the exclusive masseurs.

Exclusive masseurs Barcelona

Gay Exclusive masseurs Barcelona

Different masseurs

Different masseurs are different men. In all aspects. Because each person has a different training, different preferences and therefore different talents.

For instance, I’m taller than the Spanish average. Also hairy, strong and more on the “bear” side. I am what many call a “young daddy“. I am also extremely expert and very intuitive.

“You have an amazing talent for sensual communication. You should be aware of it. In my opinion you are much more than a regular masseur.”

Different testimonials

We recently had a customer who requested a massage from me —Paco writing here. He absolutely enjoyed my massage. He also send us a testimonial.

“I’m feeling in heaven!”

He said during our session. The next day he called back to ask:

“What about other guys? Do you recommend them?”

Absolutely! This is our job and we are here to serve you whatever your preferences are!

After enjoying Matt’s massage this man called again. This time he said:

“Matt is absolutely amazing! But I guess the most amazing massage ever will be having you both at the same time. So let’s have a 4-hands massage!”

Different gay masseurs in Barcelona

And that’s what we did. The next night we served the most blissful four hands massage this man ever had. That’s what he stated!

“This is paradise on earth! Two sexy men just for me!”

After the massage we spent some time having a nice conversation. He said:

“You are both very professional. You are both sexy as hell. But you are so different from each other! I guess I needed you both! This has been a highlight in my life I will remember for a long long time!”

It might sound corny but this is how our professional life looks like. Since we like to make men happy! Giving satisfaction in the shape of erotic bodywork is our real calling.

If you ask Jorge, Leo, Benito, Victor or Yamal, they will tell you their own anecdotes. You can also contact them directly by visiting their gay escort website.

We will be very happy to serve you!

Finally, please check my different massage menus.

During the time of covid-19 we have been on #lockdown. Since we could’t perform any real massage session, we have followed the requests of many clients. Namely by sharing these erotic stories. Some of them are describing real massage sessions, some other are personal experiences.

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