Dick docking

Dick docking

Dick docking

We call “dick docking” the act of one man inserting his penis head into another man’s foreskin. According to the Urban Dictionary.

We are speaking about m4m massage here, so this is a very interesting option!

Not to mention extremely exciting!

Dick docking

There are many men who have a fetish about uncut penises. Call it a fetish or a preference!

During my years of erotic masseur I have served many men visiting Barcelona. From the United States and also the Arabic countries. Precisely where most of men are circumcised.

A relevant amount of these men have erotic fantasies with uncut men. Maybe because they don’t get to see uncut penises. Let alone touching them. So dick docking is a really hot practise they wish to play!

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Yes, I am your uncut masseur!

Gay dick docking

As I always state in this blog, you don’t need to be gay. Because enjoying the intimate company of another man is a legitimate choice.

Forget about the tags!

Tags that try to restrict human behaviour are shallow to me. Because our intimate world is much more complex and elaborate than just terms.

This goes also for many Arabic men who are married. They see themselves as straight men. Though always having some homoerotic fantasies nudging their minds.

Finally, once they are very far from home, they dare to indulge themselves.

In my company, alone in my gay massage studio, they feel free. It’s the time to unleash the sexiest fantasies!

Of course for the un-closeted gay men a massage is something more natural and less forbidden.

What is dick docking?

As I already defined at the top of this post. So it is about using the foreskin to cover the friend’s head —or penis! It all depends on the length of the penises and also of the foreskin length.

Both men can be uncut, so the docking is mutual.

When one of the guys is circumcised it is obvious that his head will be the one docked inside the uncut one’s foreskin.

Most of the cut men who request this massage extra get so excited they can’t hold back a premature ejaculation.

This is when the tantric techniques come in very handy!

  • Ejaculation control
  • Tricks to “hold back
  • Edging massage

The ultimate dick docking trick

Some men like to stroke the two penises together as if it was one dick. Just like this, one docked inside the other dick’s foreskin.

Besides, there is very blissful way to end it! Namely ejaculating inside the skin, so it fills with the sperm.

This is what many guys the “wet docking“.

Dick docking massage

Since this is a very natural and spontaneous massage grip, I include it in the naked massage. And please feel free to request the session length you feel most comfortable with!

Where to enjoy dick docking

Since I like to offer the options the most convenient for you, there are two choices.

The prices are exactly the same though!

Because I understand everyone has some different circumstances. So I always try to adapt to what feels best for you!

Feel free to call if you have any sort of questions!

Paco: +34676648226

See you soon in Barcelona!

Matt is also uncut. He offers some services that go far beyond massage though!

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