The dark silhouette

Dark silhouette

The dark silhouette

The dark silhouette stood there, maybe trying to get used to the darkness. Sebastião got up, just in time he was able to grab his towel so he didn’t expose his intimate parts. He walked towards the entrance and hugged the dark silhouette. The other guy said, in relief:

Ah, it’s you!

His voice was even deeper than Sebastião’s.

After his long hug with Sebastião I already understood they were friends. So there was no danger. Sebastião talked, while I got up to greet him:

Meet Raul, my cousin.

This is the third and last chapter about Sebastião. In case you missed the starting chapter, please check Sebastião.

The dark silhouette

Finally! At a first glance, in that darkness, I couldn’t tell the difference between both guys. They were the same height, same body frame and, more than cousins, they looked like brothers.

Raul was more familiar with the shack and immediately located a gas light. He lit it, and from then on we would have the company of that slight gas whisper.

I had been so curious about Raul, and now he was finally here I didn’t know where to start. The moment I came in was also an awkward one.

Of course he was still “landing” at his place. Maybe he was surprised that his cousin had brought him company, maybe he was coming back from a hard day. I was speaking Brazilian with them, but they talked slightly different when the conversation excluded me. I could understand them anyway since I had lived in a Brazilian family for several years.

We have Yemanjã here.

Feel it.


Raul walked across the kitchen bringing together a bunch of plates and dishes. I helped by setting the plates, forks and knives on the counter. Sebastião lit a second camping gas and hang it from the ceiling, over the counter.

Then I could see Raul’s face. He was a bit more handsome than his cousin, and had a very smart look. His eyes were very dark and deep, and his haircut was the conventional military cut, really well profiled around his hindhead. His hands were, as Sebastião’s, also strong, thick fingers that moved with expertise. Though not quickly, because they were more ritualistic. There was awareness in his hands and everything he did.

Raul’s lower ear-laps were more evident than his cousin’s. His scruff seemed to be thicker and reminded me of a bull.

He had brought food for one, but he quickly cooked some more rice. It was enough for the three of us.

The cousins sat on the interior side of the counter because it was somewhat more uncomfortable than the outside. They asked me to use the best side, for the clients, under the porch. It wasn’t cold. The breeze came and went bringing a bit of warm, a bit of less warm air.

I could also sense something in the air, though I wasn’t able to put my finger on it. They called it Yemanjã. More than an energy, I’d name it a presence.

Of course I tried to help them as much as I could. Once I saw that Raul’s bottle was empty, I stood up and went to the fridge to pick one more bottle for him.

The power

As I walked around the counter I saw that Sebastião’s towel had fallen to the ground —he probably didn’t notice. His dick and balls were fully exposed, and I was impressed with their size, darkness and power. That dick, being soft, was already a huge like an eggplant. Anyway, I had to concentrate on getting the beer. As I came back to the counter, Sebastião had already put his towel back on.

We started talking about yesterday’s hypnosis session. Raul was listening in silence while Sebastião went through some technical issues. I found out he called several Afro-Brazilian gods and warriors to channel that hypnosis.

Honestly, after seeing Sebastian’s amazing tool it became difficult for me to concentrate on that subject. I also felt guilty, as if I was betraying Stanislaw. On top of all that, I was also curious about Raul. He was starting to have the same magnetic effect on me as his cousin. Maybe because he felt much distant. I was starting to understand that I like difficult situations.

I don’t know if Yemanjã was in the air that night. But my body and my thoughts were charged with sexual desire. That night I felt all this energy had started to accumulate since the night before. I couldn’t be sure if the sexual act with Stanislaw had been a real physical act for me, or if I just watched it like in a movie.

Since I didn’t have sex, but I experienced desire, all that energy must have raised the pressure inside me.

All of our hands were on the counter while we talked. Suddenly Raul grabbed my left hand. He became silent. I looked into Raul’s eyes.

His hand felt warm and charged.

I couldn’t smile back to him, I felt trapped somewhere I didn’t belong to. While he kept holding my hand I felt I was growing hard. I couldn’t understand it.

The Prainha spell

Nobody said a word, but my eyes were locked into Raul’s. I started to travel inside his darkness. It was a welcoming feeling of warmth and peace.

The feeling inside my chest was like being embraced in a very soft way. Not as if he was carrying me, but as if there was less gravity and we could float.

The warm breeze that I felt before jumping into the wave was now inside of my body. I started to have the same feeling as when Stanislaw penetrated me. All the countless cells of my body felt like awakening.

Now I’m writing this, I can only say I was starting to fall into a trance.

I didn’t see Stanislaw’s drawing table, not even his wooden staircase. I heard no voices and no music at all, just an absurd feeling of floating.

Sebastião took my right hand and held it the same way as Raul. I wasn’t able to focus my eyes on what I was seeing, but somehow I understood that Raul and Sebastião were also holding their hands.

Don’t go.

I could hear an anxious cry from somewhere far away. The voice came through the rain. It must have been Stanislaw’s voice. Pain and guilt came to my heart while I felt an urge to run, though I couldn’t even move my fingers.

Both cousins had me trapped in a sort of trance that felt seducing, warm and sexy. Everything in their world was smiling. My heart felt happiness and I started to emerge from a cold rain into the warm breeze of Prainha.

A sort of fog vanished away from my sight and I started to feel sand under my feet.

Run with us

The cousins lifted me from the counter and we first started to walk, then faster, and then it felt like running towards the sea. The sand was warm and soft, and the light didn’t correspond either to day or night.

Right before reaching the darker sand, which was wet from the waves, they stopped. I was about to jump into the foamy water. Waves were crashing a few meters away from us, and the noise was overwhelming.

Sebastião let fall his towel, which was incomprehensible to me. Raul slowly undressed watching me, and then they both pulled my t-shirt over my head. I saw them standing in a splendorous light. And happy to be naked, which felt so unreal.

Their chocolate bodies were epic, big, strong and shiny. White similes seducing me, and I couldn’t avoid smiling and laughing together with them. The loud sound of the waves felt like an opaque layer over my ability to think.

As I looked down to the sand I wondered why our legs din’t cast any shadow. And the three of us were erect. Sebastião’s dick was the same size but hard, and Raul had a very impressive, extremely thick penis. Very thick at the base, and less at the rounded tip. His head was pointing directly to me.

Raul's dick

Raul’s dick

I guess I was dripping, that was a sort of joy I had never expected. Not that night.

We held hands forming a triangle that felt like a circle and I could sense again that sort of power coming through my body.

Wild waves

A bigger wave clashed violently and splashed us with cold buckets of water, and we had to laugh like teen-agers. Their deep and virile laughters were endless.

Then I saw myself from above, and could hardy hear our laughters among the loud noise of the sea.

I’m here.

The voice was very weak, and what I really heard was the message, not the words. Since I could’t understand it, I ignored the command. I didn’t hear a cry or a call to my soul in the rest of that night. Stanislaw must have died. Deeply wounded.

Raul and Sebastião came closer to my chest. Their smile was a seductive grin, and I got even closer so my dick could beat their. My plan changed and I decided to be more daring and sexier than themselves.

I knelt down and put both their dicks close to my mouth. A first look at them showed me they were like different models from the same brand. Their sexy foreskin was half pulled back from getting so hard. They smiled at each other and kissed. It was time to lick their heads, and that was an extremely fun and sexy game. It was difficult to decide whose dick deserved more attention.

They both started to dance, and then knelt in front of me.

We did a three-kiss, and it felt so hot, exciting and fun. The three of our tongues were playing together, and Raul embraced us both with his powerful arms.

In a very playful way, they pushed me back so I landed on the sand, and they both started licking my dick. That also felt absolutely amazing, sweeter and more uncontrollable than everything I had experienced before. Then they swallowed my whole penis, one at a time. I could tell the different temperatures of each mouth, and also the different texture of the tongue. It felt like penetrating two different bodies alternatively, and that’s what was happening.

The sand

Then they jumped on top of my body, as if they wanted to attack me among constant laughter. It was all like a children game. In fact I wondered if they had joined me into a regression to another reincarnation when the three of us were teen-agers.

It was difficult to say who was sexier. Both cousins were jaw-dropping to me, and my sexual desire for them was just starting to grow. Their brown skin, their huge bodies, they beautiful faces and heads. And the power they radiate.

Every now and then a bigger wave got our attention. Not just the noise, also the cold water that splattered all over us, was keeping that stormy atmosphere. Sand, cold water and endless games.

We played with our dicks again, trying all sorts of combinations. We all sucked each other’s dicks, trying avidly all possible combination. I remember hearing through the deafening waves:

I was told white guys are smaller!

We giggled, and I guess we started to stop touching our dicks and sucking each other because we were all getting too close to climax. I wondered what their plans were. And if Yemanjã allowed all that.

Somehow we took a break by kissing again. It was such a deep feeling of friendship, kissing the three of us at the same time, while rolling over the sand.

My dick felt sand, skin, then sand and dick again, and I could have ejaculated just by the feeling of trust and companionship. Deep down, I never wanted this to end.

Our bodies were full of sand —the dicks too. It was impossible to suck each other anymore. Raul got up —his cousin and me followed him. We jumped into the foamy water. Without asking for permission to the gods.

Little gas light

The waves’s pace was staring to coming slower. They were smaller and rounder than a while before. We used them to play, I guess we looked like three dolphins, diving in and jumping out. Kissing, caressing, playfully drowning each other. We also pretended to fuck each other playfully.

And that’s what we tried, though it felt difficult. The salty seawater didn’t help. There was a point though we admitted it was too unpleasing.

We ran to the shack, Raul opened that little door, and while Sebastião prepared us another big Caipirinha to share, the mattress was ready. Sebastião dimmed the gas light and put it on the floor in a corner of that tiny room.

The mattress was hardly big enough for the three of us, but we threw ourselves on top of it as a way to see who was the sissy last one.

We were still panting from all that crazy activity. Dancing, jumping, swimming and sucking. Eagerly we sipped that amazing Caipirinha passing it from one lip to the next. The temperature in that little room was just right. And it started to smell after our salty bodies. We weren’t any teen agers anymore. The three of us were about 35.

Little by little we got silent. I looked at the celling, made of canes, wondering where all this was going to. Suddenly I noticed Raul was snoring. His arm was all over my chest. On my right side, Sebastião looked at me with his wise grin. I couldn’t stop myself from asking.

What was that?

He smiled. I thought he wouldn’t answer.

Aren’t you happy?

Wow, yes, surprised…

And we didn’t climax. That game had been hours long, and all of sudden we were spent.

Can’t sleep

I woke up several times. I felt so happy in the company of the cousins.

It was still dark when I woke up with an aching hard-on. I could barely see the contours of their massive and silent bodies. They were both snoring. I wasn’t wrong when I recognised Raul’s thick dick beating in the air. He had an incredible hard-on, and it was pulsing by itself. The gland was fighting to get out the foreskin.

Sebastião was on my right, and his penis was also erect. Like a black eggplant shining in the dark. Monumental like a sleeping horse.

Somehow the idea came to my mind that I hadn’t sucked nor fucked Stanislaw the morning I woke up next to him. Could I be wrong if I did that with Raul? Would he mind? After all, we should correct the mistakes we did in previous reincarnations.

I moved closer to his dick. Watching it was a sensational instant by itself. While his body was asleep, his dick had its own agenda. There was it, so thick at the base, and with almost a triangular shape. His balls hang over his thigh totally unaware of their beauty. If Robert Mapplethorpe had it photographed, it would be a masterpiece. And there it was, and there was me.

I couldn’t stop myself from softly jerking off while I put his beautiful head inside my mouth. Raul’s dick got more tense, and I felt it pulsing inside my mouth. I wondered if he would climax inside my mouth while he was asleep. I stopped jerking off to caress his massive body and his nipples. Raul’s nipples got hard, and his snoring changed slightly into an interrupted sort of breathing.

Silently waking up

My dick felt warm and humid, so I thought I was dripping pre-cum. A bit too warm though, a bit too humid. I discovered I had to blame it on Sebastião: he was slowly putting my dick inside his mouth. I could guess the ironic smile in his eyes. He was also masturbating, his eggplant dick was raging. I hadn’t noticed before he had a vein embracing his foreskin on the upper side.

I was too horny, too excited and too out of control. Nobody could ask me at that time to follow a different scheme. Raul’s body started to react to all the pleasure I was giving him, but he didn’t wake up yet. My hands carefully spread his ankles and brushed his big balls. Then I caressed everything else below it. I was so hard I feared I could hurt him. Sebastião was still jerking me off, and the only fear I had by then was he could want to penetrate me from behind.

Raul woke up precisely when I was starting to penetrate him. He looked like not knowing where he was and what was happening, but I didn’t stop. Saliva would help much better than the salty seawater, and I managed to stick really deep inside him. He helped my by raising his hips, and Sebastião quickly put a pillow below him.

I was now facing his amazing body and his beautiful face. His surprise turned to pleasure, and he started looking very deep inside my eyes. The darkness was getting greyish, right before the sun comes out, and we could see each other better and better.


That position had left Sebastião out of the plan, so he placed himself right behind me. My fears were logical, and he started putting saliva on his dick and around my ass.

Anyway, I wondered how he could ever get inside me —or anybody else— with that humongous tool.

While he tried, I started to move inside Raul, and he smiled. He didn’t even jerk off. I started to do so, but he pushed my hands away from his dick. The view of his broad body was exciting me more and more. His broad chest with that small furry area between his nipples was exactly like his cousin’s. I could also see his dick and balls moving, internally hit by my pace. My pace was slowly increasing, and I could already feel the semen inside my dick. Those are moments when I loose awareness and control, like in a trance.

Sebastião’s huge gland was caressing my balls from behind, the rest of his tool was rubbing against my perineum. The fact he was pressing my balls felt incredibly sexy. He was embracing me from behind, carefully, allowing me to move freely. He put his face on my shoulder, and I felt his dick pressing harder and harder against my balls.

I didn’t expect it to happen that quick, and Raul’s body started to shrink and stretch like a snake. He put my hands away from his dick again. While I was furiously fucking him I could see an amazing spring of semen splattering all over his belly. That felt so crazy that I wanted to climax too, but I had an even worse plan.

Dick show

There was no time for caressing or tender strokes. I turned around facing Sebastião and I did exactly what I wanted. He was looking puzzled as I seated him on top of my dick. My back was leaning against Raul, but he escaped from under my weight and sat beside me to watch that show.

Three massive dicks

Three massive dicks

I wanted to see Sebastião’s dick throwing around in all directions while I fucked him like crazy. Sebastião got so stiff his dick wasn’t even moving to the sides or up and down. It looked like an iron bar attached to his body. Only his balls were jumping and felt like heavy rubber, clashing against my pubic hair. Incidentally his dick clashed against my chest. Sebastião’s inside felt silky, warm and creamy. I lost control on how deep I was going, and my penis felt like a giant gland. Every inch of me was a sexual organ about to explode.

Torn between impatience and stretching that moment of bliss.

Then Raul placed Sebastião’s dick inside his mouth. That was absolutely crazy for all of us. By seeing those massive dark brown guys, with their heroic chests, broad arms and legs, and those incredible dicks and balls sucking each other while I fucked Sebastião, I could not stop my orgasm.

Sebastião jumped up exactly before I started to ejaculate, and both cousins watched my amazing geyser covering Sebastião’s legs, dick and balls. Raul stopped sucking his cousin. His dick became visible to me again and I could see the jaw-dropping show of this huge guy spilling out his warm and silky semen.

Slow motion

I still remember it in like in slow motion. His dark foreskin almost covers his red chocolate gland facing me, then a small white drop pops out, jumps, and after that drop he starts to shoot once, twice, then three times, one for each of us.

If we were screaming, I couldn’t hear it. I was drunken in desire and sex, and everything else had long abandoned my mind.

Our heartbeats calmed down after some minutes of breathing heavily. The three of us were lying in different directions over the mattress. Here and there, shiny brown skin, wet with semen.

Someone broke the silence:

Bom dia.

Don’t call me lazy. I didn’t want to get up because that felt like a place and time I didn’t want to leave. After such an amazing experience the most dangerous messages are always coming from the brain. Thats’ when everybody tries to figure out how —or if— what just happened can fit somewhere.

The three of us seemed to be equally lazy. And silent. After some minutes we went back to the initial positions on the bed. I was in the middle, Raul on my left.

Watching them was still exciting, and since Raul started playing with my dick, I grew hard again. We giggled. They said to each other, as if I couldn’t understand them:

Look at the white guy.

The morning

Too soon for my taste, people and surfers started to gather at the beach. Some of them came to the counter and asked for drinks. I could smell the scent of fresh coffee. And that did wake me up!

Raul was busy serving coffees and beers. He usually went buying some “docinhos” to a local store in Recreio, but that morning he didn’t have the chance.

Sebastião sat next to me inside the shack. We were both sipping on our mugs with too hot coffee. He didn’t say anything, he smiled because he knew what I was going to say.

I don’t need to know anything,

Right answer. I guessed.

Either me or Sebastião had plans for that day, so we weren’t in a rush. I had a meeting next day with an Asian lady who run a Tantric massage center in Botafogo. She wanted to interview me because she needed a male masseur to serve women. Her plans were to train me according to what she thought the feminine clientele in Rio would be asking for.

So no rush. Sebastião and me helped Raul as much as we could. We also spend a while sitting on the sand, and we swam a little. Everything dressed, always hiding our intimate parts. We couldn’t disrespect Yemanjã and the other Yoruba gods. By the way, that day I didn’t feel their presence.

The song

Raul was in a very joyful mood the whole day. He had tuned on the “pagode” station, and all the songs were cheerful, unaware of daily life. He danced to most of them while he was drying glasses.

Then they played another song I knew from my previous time in Rio. We sang it together laughing.

Eu lhe pergunto afinal, o que eu sou pra você…

Suddenly, when the next verse came in, an invisible shadow bittered his expression, he silently turned around and went inside the little room.

Eu queria ser bem mais que amante, quero ter você aqui, o tempo todo.

Sebastião went after him saying we needed to go, he better was so kind to say goodbye. The song was ending, and Raul didn’t want to get out the room. The cousins were discussing something they didn’t want me to hear.

Just wondering if I should help them with their argument, I sat behind the counter. Beside the credit card machine, I found a paper and a carbon pencil. It was a drawing. Somewhat familiar to me, but I didn’t pay attention because Raul finally came out the little room where we slept. As if he wanted to say goodbye to me as quick as possible to get it done. While he hugged me briefly, Sebastião was standing by our side, watching in silence.

A few minutes later we were sitting in his VW van. Sebastião was driving us back to Rio. It was also a warm afternoon, and I let the breeze brush my forearm outside the window.

Once we passed Alvorada I remembered the way Raul had turned his face away from me. That was a too quick move. It didn’t match the companionship I felt all the night and the day until we left. After his brief hug he hid back in the little room as if he was mad at me. And I thought I had seen a tear on his cheek.

Sebastião gay story

Sebastião gay story

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