Daddyhunt Barcelona

Daddyhunt Barcelona

Daddyhunt Barcelona

On a Daddyhunt Barcelona? Many young gay men have this preference for daddies. Also when they are looking for some erotic massage service.

“Wow Paco, I am so grateful that you tag yourself as a daddy! Because it’s difficult to find men who see themselves as daddies”.

Time flies, years fly. I was just in my late 30s. Suddenly ten years have gone by in the blinking of an eye.

So to say, I’ve turned into a mature man, into a daddy, in seconds. A mature masseur. Before I even knew it.

I have no problem though in assuming it as my real stats. I’m proud of my wrinkles. They are the proof of experience, wisdom and talent.

As @daddyhunt states, #experiencematters

Also pride. That’s what I feel for my job. Who in erotic massage industry has lasted more than a couple of years? This is my job for more than 15 years now. As you guess, there’s a reason for it.

And I always try to be honest in all aspects about myself, my life and my job. I’m not 30 something anymore. I grew wise.

A few years ago a guy told me this:

“You are on the wrong side of 30’s”.

Well now I am on the

“right side of experience”.

Daddyhunt Barcelona

Young gay men use the Daddyhunt app to find them a daddy for sex. I’m not offering escort services though massage instead.

But erotic massage is a service intimate enough to depend on some physical preferences. If we out it in the other way, physical references can boost massage!

I always say you need to choose your masseur according to your preferences. So don’t choose a smooth guy if you prefer the hairy masseur.

On the same level, don’t choose a young guy if you prefer the mature masseur.

And on an even more intimate note, don’t choose a circumcised guy if you prefer the uncut masseur.

Daddyhunt Barcelona massage

Erotic massage is a wonderful bodywork. If you had it before, you know what I’m talking about.

If you are new to erotic massage or even to tantric massage then you’ll have a golden chance! A chance to learn some more. As the amazing world of sexy, sweet, tender and extremely hot man on man contact.

We can also perform the massage with some role play if you wish!

“I want you to welcome me as my dad does. I want you to be my daddy from the start”.

Many guys have contacted me with this purpose. Being my son feels terribly sexy and hot. I will take you in my arms, protect you with my warmth. With me you’ll be safe again.

“I had so many erotic fantasies with my father. And you made them all come true. You are now my special daddy —forever”.

“They call it incest. But the time with you is the most sublime time I ever had. I was afraid to touch you there. But then I couldn’t control my pleasure. You are even better than my real daddy”.

Gay massage Barcelona

It is so easy to book with me as this!

Call Paco: +34676648226

If you have any kind of questions, don’t hesitate and contact me as well.

Please check for more detailed information as well. Also massage prices, more pictures or even very specific subjects as gay fetish massages.

See you soon in Barcelona!

Daddy Paco

There is much more about me on my Spanish website

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