Daddy and son

Gay Daddy and son

Daddy and son

Daddy and son is always a true hit! It started when Paco and Alek joined to offer an amazingly professional and high voltage massage menu.

Until Alek moved to Madrid back in 2013.

I recently described how an individual “daddy & Son” session worked. I explained it in the style of erotic story.

What is Daddy and son?

Until then Paco and Alex had been working together. It is a long time ago, but now Alek decided to spend a whole week in Barcelona to catch up with his old friends.

Before they started this amazing massage experience many of their customers liked them both separately. Until one of them suggested an incredible idea.

“Why don’t you give me a 4-hands massage? Since I can hardly decide who I like most for my tantric massages I want you both”.

Alex was in his early 20s, and Paco in his late 30s, so the age different was like a dad and a son’s. That’s how we came to the idea of this somewhat incestuous massage experience.

Fortunately it felt super sexy to many a local customer. Soon enough all international customers also wanted to try this special experience.

This is the vide we produced:

Limits of Daddy and son

Paco feels quite open about erotic techniques. While Alek is not that much. In this experience we never offer oral sex nor penetration. Pelase understand it is erotic Tantric massage.

Though taken to an extremely intimate level, please don’t assume we will have sex.

While if you are really craving for a sexual experience you should check Matt gay escorting.

4-hands massage with a name

The fact that each massage menu has a name makes it understandable to almost everything.

“It felt easy to me to call and ask you about this experience since it also has a name. And a very seducing one, for the record!”

“This massage with both of you has been the highlight of my life. I am used to try many masseurs everywhere I travel to, but this has been absolutely unforgettable. Yo go boys!”

Of course the prices are doubling the individual naked massage prices since this special therapy needs two masseurs.

If you have any doubts please feel free to call paco and ask him!

Contact us!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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