Customer service

Customer service

Customer service

Customer service is oftentimes an invisible issue for clients. That’s a good sign though! When they don’t think about it, the reason is that everything works smoothly!

Because customers never think about it until something goes wrong. Fortunately to Paco, he has never had any complaints, so the words “customer service” is a concept he must be practicing well. Since clients never mention it, it’s the proof it works.

Who are we?

That’s another question our clients never ask about. Paco is the visible face of this service. He started this gay massage service in 2010 in Barcelona, and time after time some new guys have been joining him. We’ll go into more details in at the next paragraphs.

Anyway, and from the start on, Paco uses the same criteria like agencies do. His main focus is quality and his goal is always offering the best service for all the clients.

Even though Paco’s team is not an agency, he wants to offer all the advantages of agencies. So he manages all of the appointments.

The exclusive gay masseurs he’s working with are a very special kind of advertisers.

Special in the way that not just any random guy can advertise on this website. Instead os having dozens of advertisers, Paco prefers to select them. So whenever a guy wants to advertise, he meets him personally, he checks his CV and his personal attitude.

The reason is Paco wants to serve the highest segment of gay clients. Pacos’ customers are gentlemen who focus on a wider checklist of assets. Let’s say they are more demanding than others, and consequently more recurring. Yes, most of them are recurring customers. That’s why:

  • True massage skills
  • Talent for erotic bodywork
  • Honesty
  • Facial beauty
  • Perfect body
  • Politeness
  • Nice attitude
  • Speaking foreign languages
  • Reliability

So all of the masseurs working with Paco have excellent trainings in massage and in erotic massage. A few of them also master Tantric massage, which is Paco’s starting point in this industry. The physical stats are some very subjective assets. Guys who Paco thought would not work, do work because they are appealing to a specific taste of specific men.

There’s another aspect Paco values very much: the individual style of each masseur. Paco’s intention is not uniforming the job, but offering very different talents you can choose from. As he says, you can contact him to discuss who’s the ideal masseur who matches all your wishes.

As you can see, some of the masseurs offer specific massage styles. What’s common to all the guys advertising is they share the same information and the same goals. In other words, there is a list of quality guidelines that all of them must follow.

Paco knows first hand what happens, what the customers desire and how they like to be treated.

Customer service

Usually customer service has its own staff. In large companies though. While this is a small group of male masseurs. So each of all the masseurs will deliver deliver the best service for you in many aspects. Not only the best quality massage but everything around it. Before, during and after your massage session.

Once a customer expresses his opinions, about whichever aspect, Paco listens attentively. Because sometimes customers mention unheard ideas and interesting opinions.

If you need to discuss any issue, you’re free to talk to Paco.

Gay customer service

Most of the customers are gay men. We find different kinds of personal preferences even among gay men.

Since our service is this personal and this intimate, we always try to be polite. More than that, also cautious. Not to hurt any feelings!

As we said before, our goal is always pleasure!

Straight and bisensual clients

Though not all of the clients are gay! So we don’t take anything for granted!

To us there’s no difference among all these tags. All men are men, so human beings. In Paco’s opinion, all sensual preferences are legitimate and make no difference. And the service is mostly the same, though always personalised. Paco likes to listen to each and every client’s wishes and specific demands.

Of course all of the masseurs are always respectful.

Recurring customer service

A huge amount them are recurring customers. Because they say our service is outstanding and excellent. So the first time they leave satisfied. The second, the third and all the next times even more than the fist! Because the more the masseurs know you the better they can serve you!

This means we have a huge rate of loyal customers. This is something not too frequent in our industry though.

“There are so many guys who just want my money. You instead deliver an excellent massage, and it shows your goal is my satisfaction. Unfortunately you are very special! So this is also a reason to always come back”.

“You are always the safest bet!”

Picky customers

Indeed, Paco could write rivers of ink about anecdotes with customers. The weirdest situations, the funniest guys.

The outcome of all the services they perform is an excellent experience. Paco says they have a huge amount of very picky clients who come back because they feel their requests are satisfied.

Impossible customer service

On the other hand, a few times —very few, fortunately— some individuals don’t want to be helped. This is the most difficult aspect of Paco’s job. Sometimes a client places weird questions. Once you start a dialogue, the communication breaks. We can’t have one-sided talks where we can’t make a question. As a conclusion, the customer does not want to be helped. It sounds like an oxymoron, right?

While those guys make hundreds of questions, they are unable to answer not even a small information piece as their ideal appointment time.

We recently had a very funny call from a guy who requested to speak to our customer service. Paco told him:

“You can speak to me, I’m Paco, a masseur and also the phone valet”.

He was angry because the masseur he chose was serving another customer. Then he yelled into the phone:

“I asked for Matt and you are telling me he is not available right now!”

Matt obviously had a previous appointment he needed to finish. We think it’s common sense, especially when a client wants a specific guy and has no flexibility about timing and masseur. Paco did his best to suggest a feasible timing for their appointment. That guy hang up the phone in a rude way.


Dealing with an infinite range of different gentlemen is a very nice job, according to Paco’s words. Though a few times some guys tend to be difficult. Precisely these guys need the best customer service, even if they don’t understand very basic ideas.

Do you have any questions? Please contact Paco.

In the meantime, maybe you want to read some of the erotic stories? They are descriptions of true massage sessions.

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