Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a relevant issue for all sorts of professional services. From multi-national corporations to individual businesses as mine.

Customer satisfaction

What a customer thinks about our service is always relevant. Opinions are sometimes different. Absolutely! Though they usually share some common concepts.

I have been working as a tantric masseur since 2003. I have served thousands of different men. Literally! So as you guess, I heard all sorts of comments. The most common though is always this:

“Amazing! Your job is absolutely jaw-dropping! I am so satisfied!”

Without customer satisfaction I would not be here. This job is my only job. Also my calling. And I am so proud of it!

The amount of customers goes on growing month after month.

While the percentage of recurring customers is also higher and higher.

This means the satisfaction of my customers is a very high one.

The clue to success: customer satisfaction

Every business or service needs a certain amount of things to work. Simultaneously! Since no business can wait eternally. Several key factors need to work together.

Because success can be a result of random circumstances. Though random is not the foundation. This is something we can say after so many years of excellent performance.

  • Honest communication
  • Service quality
  • Customer satisfaction

My customers are the solid proof. They are the ones telling me all this is working together smoothly. Exactly as a perfect gear-work.

“Your service description is accurate. And your work is excellent. So I look forward to hire you again!”

Customer satisfaction: the exception

There is always space for exception though. Some years ago a French customer asked me to visit him at his hotel. I always ask this before the massage:

“Is there any question or any suggestion you’d like to talk about?”

During the second half of the massage session I was aware of his unhappy face. He kept silent after the time was over. His expression was bitter. After a while he sent me a brief text message. Along with a disgusted emoji.

“I thought we were going to have sex”.

He is obviously the kind who never talks but assumes instead. I think it is a relevant question to make before hiring a service.

Though across all the posts on this website I’m always stressing the fact that erotic massage does not equal to sex or escorting services.

Communication and dialog are a cornerstone to me. Too bad he didn’t express it face to face. I mean personally, before or after the massage.

Honesty first!

Finally, everybody reading my website and my blog about gay massage knows it. I am honest at all times. So I never use the word “massage” to sell some undercover sexual services.

I keep insisting that other guys are offering sex. As Matt. So if that’s what you need, please check

Erotic massage and tantric bodywork is a very special experience. So Different from sex in many aspects. From duration to features! Though it is not different when we speak about deep sexual satisfaction.

Yes, you can achieve sexual satisfaction in many ways! And erotic massage is a fascinating one!

Here you can choose the different massage prices and features. Always according to your preferences!

“I never thought a massage could be so rewarding and so satisfying! Your job is a very special one”

Evolving massage

Men who have enjoyed my services along the years know it perfectly. I started using quite rigid tantra protocols.

Over time I have been able to adapt my sensual therapies to each and every customer. Knowing you means I know your desires and your preferences.

Experiences is an amazing mine of wisdom and resources. So over the years I have gained in intuition. I am able to imagine what your desires are!


Satisfaction is a very relevant feeling. No matter if a movie, a gastronomic dinner, a wine, a flight or a massage.

Every man who pays for a service has legitimate expectations.

I am certain everybody who hires a service wants to be rewarded for his money.

If you have any concern or any sort of doubt, just call me. I will be very happy to serve you!

Paco: +34676648226

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