Cruising and coronavirus need new tricks to avoid risk

Cruising and coronavirus

Cruising and coronavirus need new tricks to avoid risk

Cruising and coronavirus are “c-words”. And they don’t go along very well. So another “c” word that matches perfectly is “caution!”

If you don¡’t want to give up your desire for some sexy and raunchy moments, please read these easy tips! Because you want to be safe at all times!

Don’t give up desire!

Cruising happening now

Since the outbreak of this pandemic, cruising has hit the lowest demand ever. Though after the first couple of months, the curve went up very steep to recover! Many many men felt the need of human contact.

What I’m writing about here is what I have seen in some cruising areas close to my home in Barcelona.

Of course I also have a close friend who happens to know much and talk even more about his sexy whereabouts. He’s telling me what’s going on in some of the busiest cruising spots in Barcelona.

Railway and bus stations have closed down half of their toilets. You can’t literally stand next to another guy because half the pissing boozes are sealed. So now there’s no space for lingering about. Therefore cruisers are now too obvious, which helps the security staff to spot them quickly”.

This feels like a major turn-off to cruisers. So many of the cruising places are less busy. As also shopping malls start to control the access to the lavatories.

Tricks for cruising and coronavirus

There are many things you need to have in mind. These tricks are probably going to be very useful even after the pandemic is over. Cruising and coronavirus eventually need these —and some future tricks— to be safe!

  • Always wear a mask
  • Don’t breathe too close to other cruisers
  • Use the distancing to your advantage
  • Wash your hands after touching
  • Don’t suck dicks

All of these are very obvious. The advantage is that refusing someone who is too interested in you feels easier now.

It’s not the last trick, it should be the most relevant: don’t suck dick, because someone else might have done it minutes before. And saliva is the main transporter of the coronavirus. Therefore, swallowing saliva from someone else is extremely risky! Because it equals to swallow the virus.

Masks and crusing

Wearing a mask is an additional advantage since you’re not showing all of your face. Some guys put it off as soon as they find the guy they like the most. Don’t!

Coronavirus and distance

That’s ideal! You won’t need to bear all those guys who feel too sticky or you dislike. It also helps to play lingering and strolling without having to engage into some closure action.

Cruising coronavirus… and lollypop!

Even though many guys will tell you lollypop is not a risk, it really is. Because saliva acts as a transporter for the virus molecules. Try to avoid it1 Besides, you don’t know who sucked that dick before.

Another proof that cruising and coronavirus don’t match really well.

Cruising and coronavirus

As you can see, the idea of cruising is nowadays a dangerous one. You might feel the urge to practise it, but if you are sensible you will avoid it. Because meeting too many guys in a small place and in a small window of time it extremely dangerous.

As I pointed out a few days ago in my Spanish website and social media, massage and covid-19, enjoying erotic massages it much safer than doing the groceries in a supermarket. Simply because you will brush hundreds of people. While a massage means you are alone with just one person.

You will say:

Yes, but the distance and the contact between the masseur and me is really tight!

That’s precisely when the rest of our covid-19 precautions come into play. As a masseur I will avoid getting our faces and breathing distance too close. Fortunately gay massage allows the right distance by still allowing mutual touch.

You always need to be safe! Though sensual desire and the need of human warmth and contact is a powerful need. And it helps balancing your whole body and mind system.

The most valuable trick: be safe!

Cruising also means waiting a lot of time. There’s absolutely no certainty that you’ll find a guy you like a little bit.

So during these times of cruising and coronavirus you definitely need to take slightly different decisions.

Are you thinking of hiring a gay masseur to enjoy some really hot moments? Check all of our exclusive masseurs! Check who’s available in your own city!

You can also decide how close or how intimate you want the massage to be. Our Relaxing massage keeps some distance, avoiding too long body to body contact. Prostate massage is focused on your back area, while the interactive tantric massage is the closest one —we know how to perform it to be safe!

If you prefer gay escorts, be safe as well and choose the most reliable ones!

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