Male masseur in Spain

Gay massage FAQs

Credit Cards to pay massage

Being able to charge your Credit Card is one more proof that my service is lawful, legal, reliable and guaranteed.

Accepting Credit Cards

I am accepting major Credit Cards as Visa and MasterCard.

Not American Express though!

Discrete credit card payment

Your Credit Card will be charged by "Therapy Treatment": so absolutely discrete.

Don't miss my gay massage!

Ensure our availability for you! Just contact via phone call, send an SMS or an e-mail. It's really easy!

International bank commissions

International money transfers are highly taxed in Spain. And banks are also charging severe commissions on all credit card purchases. So we unfortunately need to add a 10% to the massage price you choose.

For example, we will need to charge 220 € for the 200 € package.

Some guys choose to pay 50% in cash and the rest on their credit card. That's a smart trick!

Anyway, cash payments are always the safest option! At least in Europe!

Just schedule your massage session. Because there are many benefits of planning ahead. Like ensuring our availability and also having time for money exchange or using an ATM.


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