Avoid these 5 common mistakes

Common mistakes to avoid

Avoid these 5 common mistakes

The 5 common mistakes to avoid. Because many gay men traveling to Barcelona fall into very foreseeable tricks. Though not only in Barcelona! These tricks are useful for all cities!

Everybody knows what a mistake is. Though it’s always nicer to see others going wrong. When the mistake is done by oneself it feels bitterer!

So you want to be safe when choosing a gay masseur in Barcelona!

Feeling the trust of a reliable masseur will help you more than you thought! Because not having to watch for the unexpected will help you enjoying the sexiest gay massage!

Common mistakes

We are serving many gay men from the United States. Also many Arabic men from the Emirates and other Eastern and Asian countries. Not to mention guys from all over Europe!

So we have been told a bunch of weird stories. Of course not all of them happened in Barcelona! Gay men are tricked around the world.

Obviously the tricks are the worst in countries where homosexuality is still a crime. This is not the case of Barcelona though! Homosexuality is legal here. Also gay marriage.

And my massage services are lawful, legal and licensed. I am also fully insured professionally. There is no risk by visiting my gay massage studio. Either by enjoying my outcall gay massage service!

How to avoid common mistakes

The easiest advise I can give you is common sense. Though how can you use your common sense in a foreign country?

  • Suspicious? Pass!
  • Trust your intuition
  • No real picture?
  • Meeting in a small unknown street?

If you have the least suspicion about a guy, step aside. Find a nice apology and go on looking for a safer option.

What else can you do?

The 5 common mistakes

Because trust is something you earn. With the time and the relationship. You can’t impose trust. In fact, someone who forces you to trust him does not deserve it!

The tricks to find a reliable gay masseur are only a bunch. And all of them are easy to remember.

  • Professional website
  • He has his own studio, also well located
  • Clear prices and several massage options
  • He answers the phone personally
  • Able to charge credit card

Of course a phone conversation is always a safe way to check “how he sounds”. I know sometimes you’re not able to use the roaming on your phone. You can always use a local landline to call though.

Common mistakes 1: fake website

How old is the website? Do the pictures look outdated? Do the images seem to be stolen from other websites? No face pics?

Nowadays a state of the art website means a lot. The difference between a professional masseur and impostors or amateurs is sometimes about this “small” detail.

The fact that the website is updated with recent blog entries is also a relevant detail. This confirms his prices are also up to date.

Check for some client reviews as well. Juts a couple of them? Do they sound real?

Common mistakes 2: no studio

Some of my customers told me they trusted guys with no studio. They had to go out their way to find themselves place. So renting a room in a tacky hostel or whatever.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. An iceberg which holds surprises the kind you don’t like.

Check my gay massage studio. I am located on a very central avenue with 6 lanes. Close to Passeig de Gràcia.

Super easy to find! Metro station Girona L4 around the corner and taxis 24 hours.

Common mistakes 3: clear prices

A price list is always handy. Don’t assume masseurs are always cheap. Because the prices in your country might be different. Higher or lower, usually different.

A bunch of massage styles and options are also proof that the guy knows more than just one gig. Massage styles are relevant. Also different time lengths to choose from.

Never trust guys who charge the same price for everything. Different services need different prices!

Desperation is forcing many guys to do whatever. I’m not saying they’re criminals though! Just giving you some advise. Just so you can lay back and enjoy a true massage!

Common mistakes 4: hiding?

Does he speak English? Is he able to explain what his services are about?

Sometimes guys contact me just via SMS messages. I guess they visited this website, so they already trust me.

Though guys who haven’t been able to read a lot here give me a call. Talking to me will help you finding out if my services fit your expectations.

“This guy was hiding until the last minute. No address, no voice calls, no pics, no fees. He just told me “everything will be fine, it’s all very hot!”

“I found out he was not the guy on the picture. Too late”.

Common mistakes 5: legal business

I’m running a legal and lawful enterprise. Not to mention I pay a lot of taxes! My bank account is linked to a credit card machine. So you also have the option of using your credit card to pay for my services. It’s hard to get tis kind of billing technology. Because banks in Barcelona don’t trust just anybody without checking the legal reliability.

Common mistakes and erotic services

In many Asian and Arabic countries this kind of erotic bodywork is forbidden by law.

Because erotic services are not always seen as “just massage” but “something more”. Even in Europe the laws may vary from State to State and from city to city.

So there is not a common criteria. Blame it on governments and double morals of our Western Societies as well!

You can call me anytime to ask for more information. Please have in mind time shift if you are not in Europe!

I will be very happy to serve you!

So please check other contents on this website www.male-masseur.com as massage prices.

Paco: +34676648226

Introducing Matt: the young and well endowed masseur! www.gay-massage.sexy

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