Closeted dad or the new bisexual

Closeted dad

Closeted dad or the new bisexual

“I am a closeted dad”, this man told me after the massage was over. Our session was a 90 minutes naked massage.

At this point of the session his message was somewhat between the lines. I understood he also needed to talk his heart out. So we spent one more hour speaking.

You gave me not only the physical therapy but also the pillow talk I needed. Yes I needed it badly! And you seem to know how to listen.”

I have many closeted customers. Of all kinds. Straight married men, also “celibate” men. Even gay men who have a certain addiction to sex. Because life’s not always easy. For no-one!

Public and private lives

There is a relevant aspect we should never forget. The difference between who we are in our private lives and who we are publicly. Social lives seem to demand a suited behaviour. As a consequence, many men adapt to what society expects from them.

The issues come up when we use the same social criteria also for our private lives. Own when we leave such a few place for our personal dimension.

Erotic massage is a safe way to live up the private erotic fantasies. It is also a way to discover gay fetish we didn’t think of even one minute before. And all these can change our lives.

Only for good!

Who is a closeted dad?

The right question would be “why are there so many closeted dads?”. We could go further by asking “how does a closeted dad deal with his life?”

The concept of dad also implies the existence of a son. Because it is not only about a man’s age.

Talking of sons, I have some very good friends who have double thoughts about their dads.

My dad knows I’m gay, but he won’t come out to me. I am quite certain he is gay as well. I’d like to help him though!”

Maybe this is the point to mention my erotic story about daddy and son. Believe it to not, it is a true story!

Back to our post, closeted men see a world of unsolvable problems. In all sorts of aspects. Like starting with professional life. Many of them feel safe having a wife. Because that’s how they have been living for the last 25 years.

Is that what we are all supposed to be? Following a role model?

Free to be a closeted dad?

Nowadays our Western societies don’t see homosexuality as forbidden anymore —or at least not as much as it used to. Not even scandalous! So we should feel free to choose how we want to live our lives, right?

It felt weird to me to move in with my male lover. Tell me I’m paranoid but all of sudden I thought there were too many eyes on me”.

This same man told me this:

“My son is gay. He came out to me when he turned 18 years of age. I wish I was able to help him. I’d like to give him some good advise. Something useful for his personal life. I’m unable though. Because look at me. I can’t deal with my own homosexuality. Well, I mean publicly”.

Closeted dads, “DL” and dating

Some time ago I wrote about the “down low“. This is a frequent issue in the United States. Despite it is something happening everywhere in the world, It’s not a big deal anywhere else.

In Spain you could call it “bisexual men” because there is no other name to tag this social behaviour. It is a lifestyle conditioned by emotional and sexual lives.

Closeted dads do have —and need!— an emotional life and a sexual life as well.

“This is nobody’s business. It’s not being closeted but acting discrete”.

Anyway, I think most of the men like to bragg about their sexual lives. Dating, who you are dating, with whom you spent your weekend getaway. How many times you “did it” in just one night.

It’s all conversation pieces to discuss with the closest buddies.

“Paco, you are the only guy I can speak to. All this is a big and terrible secret. I need to share it though and I have proof you are the right one. Besides, you don’t know anybody of my social circle”.

Because all his secrets are well kept with me. This is even easier if you have in mind many of these guys are from Australia, Canada, the Emirates. Thousands of miles away from Barcelona. These men meet me during their business trips.

Closeted dads and massage

Erotic massage and tantric massage are the perfect ways to enjoy sexual pleasure. One relevant reason is that my service is always safe and discrete.

Massage does not involve oral sex nor penetration. Not to mention that many straight men don’t want this at all!

“It is a very sexy feeling to be naked with you. See you and touch you makes me so horny! You won’t believe me but this is enough for me. I don’t need any more intimate stuff. With you I feel safe, respected and understood. Because you understand and you share my own limits”.

Needless to say I always respect all personal limits. On the other hand, the frequent thing is the opposite. Because most of my customers try pushing my limits out of control.

Closeted dad secrets

Tormented closeted men have a hard time to find the right company. “Trust” is the key word.

These men enjoy a deep release when being with me though. Because everything you’ll be sharing with me is safe and peaceful. No risk at all. In any departments.

“Emotional danger as discussing too personal issues is troubling to me. But I feel totally under control with you. You just follow me to the landscapes I wish to explore. Because you never push me. You are the perfect travel companion!”

If I’m honest I have to confess this. Sometimes I’d place very specific questions. But I don’t. I always wait for the man to go as deep as he wants into his issues.

Try a massage!

Yes, it’s about time to take this step. You’ll feel much better after exploring this new possibility in your life.

It’s always safe both physically and emotionally.

Call me and let’s talk about it.

Paco: contact me!

Please go on exploring many other subjects about gay massage on this website, as the FAQs, how to see a masseur, or bisexual men.

See you soon!

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