Climax control and the new Tantra

Climax control

Climax control and the new Tantra

First off, Climax control is one of the most useful tantric techniques. The purpose is not only retarding release but achieving a much higher intensity in sensual pleasure.

As you probably know, Tantric massage also helps you to find a deeper meaning for this experience, since we also use mindufllness techniques.

Benefits of climax control

Tantra massage techniques are very effective in creating a much longer session, much more intense apotheosiss, a much more abundant release… and also a longer time of sensual satisfaction after climaxing.

  • Longer time of pleasure
  • More intense climax
  • More abundant semen release
  • Longer time of satisfaction
  • Deeper release of tension
  • Balance for body and mind

All these together feel like much more than each of these individually. That’s what we call “synergy”.

What is climax control

To many men climax control is a goal difficult to achieve. Because sensual stimulation makes us all feel impatient to achieve climax. Sometimes the sensual pleasure can be hard to bear and hard to control. So climaxing is more and more needed.

Climax control for gay men

Many gay men complain about having too fast, furious and short sensual encounters. Sometimes partners also want to achieve climax as soon as possible.

“My partner likes it fast and intense. I just need a much longer time of sensuality and skin to skin contact. I need somebody to guide me”.

“I’m always coming too fast. I’d like to have some control over my own body —and pleasure. I guess I’m missing a lot of wonderful stuff!”

That’s all true.

“I’m single. I’m used to cruising areas. Now I need something special. Some deeper connection”.

Tantra massage benefits

In order to really control it you’ll be better off hiring a professional. Partners are sometimes not too willing to work for a longer time than usual in your sensual encounters. I’m not saying your partner would not be willing though. I’m just saying these men are seldom found and are therefore highly appreciated partners.

Cruising areas are ideal for a fast release. And such experiences can be very sexy while not too deep or satisfying on the long run.

Tantra is the right massage style to achieve a much deeper and satisfying experience.

Because Tantra massage has the right techniques to control your climax. Besides, Gay Tantra is able to deliver a very mindful bodywork for men who wish to go a bit further in sensual pleasure.

Finally, if you wish to read more about this please check this article: introduction to gay Tantra!

On of the most exciting Tantra techniques is lingam massage. Want to try it?

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“I see my own holidays as the right time to experiment. Fortunately your gay Tantra massage has been like a revelation to me. In many aspects!”

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