The Client List and new testimonials of gay massage

Client list

The Client List and new testimonials of gay massage

“Client list” was a famous television show after the movie. It depicts the quite real world of erotic massage —of course blended with some scandalous escort services.

Though why am I writing about this?The answer is that some of my customers are curious about my own client list. I will only answer a small amount of all the questions though. How far will I go with the details?

Massage client list

A masseur has a slightly different client list than an escort. My gay escort friends tell me about it so I can see many differences.

Even by offering erotic massage, which can be a quite sexual service. In fact to many people I am in the same professional category any gay escort. And I feel very close to the male and female escorts I know. The only difference is just how far we are going. Though all of our customers climax. And that’s a relevant point we share!

Client list

“Are your clients all very old men?”

Of course not. I have customers of all ages. In Spain age of consent is 18. And I do have customers as young as 22. As you guess, they all need to show me their IDs.

Massage is a universal service. So it is not restricted to one age segment. Because massage is as universal as tenderness, caring and the need of sharing skin contact.

You can’t believe how much us men are in need of a hug and sweetness.

All ages

Young men oftentimes did not have their first true love and their passionate love story and seek it in a massage.

Middle aged men have had as many experiences as sex can give you. But they know there are new territories to explore. As erotic Tantra bodywork.

Unfortunately some of the older men have already lost their life partners. Anyway, older men feel alone while still having the urge for passion, tenderness and some really sexy stuff. And of course they have the right to live it up!

Customers from around the world

Men of all ages and also of all countries in the world have enjoyed my Tantra massage. Men of all religions and beliefs.

“Do you serve Asian men?”

Was one shocking question I write about last year. As if I could have some prejudice!

I have served men of all ages and races, also of all sizes and weights. Because we are all men. And we share much more than what we think we do.

Let apart politics, war and conflicts. All of us are men in search of happiness —and some pleasure!

As you bet, it makes me feel so happy that there is still a huge room for joy and happiness!

Straight men

Some men also ask me this:

“Did you ever serve a straight man before?”

I just can’t remember the first one. But please agree with me that we are not men divided in two or three categories. Namely straight, bisexual and gay.

Many men go trough many phases in their personal lives. Because you change jobs, partners and cities. You also change moods and trends. And also sexual preferences. Northing is set in stone. Not even sexuality.

So I think all those tags are unnecessary.

Bisexual men

I never judge. Honestly! I am so happy every time a new customer contacts me for the first time. Since it is the starting of a new friendship, a new and absolutely different story.

And when a customer calls me back like this:

“Hey, remember me? I am that Australian!”

I feel happy because I am able to remember many of the customers I served.

“It is amazing also how you remember my spots four years after!”

Friends and client list

“You know much more about me than my best friends”.

Yes, we do share some deep and unique intimacy. Massage can go very private. And once you feel well under my hands you let go. I allow improvising and spontaneity.

“Not even my husband knows about this. This is very intimate. With you I do not feel any kind of shame”.

It is the advantage of being out of your circles. This very restricted time frame and space frame allows us to keep our secrets.

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Same for Paco!”

This is something important to me: creating a bubble in time and space. Nothing else exists during our massage. And you will forget stress, trouble and anger. You will focus just on yourself and your pleasure. This is a moment to explore your inner landscapes.

My secret list

All this is kept secret. No names. But the faces of good friends.

“Somehow you act like a mirror. I think I watch you but you are a reflection of my own desires. Weird but wonderful”.

Secret client list

“Did you serve any celebrities?”

The answer is: “you!” By the way, some of the sessions with celebrities are described on erotic stories!

Just call me to request the information you need about my gay massage. I will be very happy to meet you and serve you. The best way according to your convenience.

Paco: contact

Explore many more of my secrets by checking more testimonials, the FAQs and even many erotic stories about real massage sessions and real clients!

See you soon in Barcelona!

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