The secrets about Cheaper massage

Cheaper massage

The secrets about Cheaper massage

A cheaper massage exists. Good news for a start! Because some of my customers contact me just to let me know they found a cheaper guy. Though they obviously contact me because they prefer my physical profile and my service quality.

They comment about my prices just to see if there is a little chance for a discount.

Is there? Go on reading!

“You were my first choice from the start. Since I like bears. In shape, sexy, hairy, tall as you. So you are my type indeed! And from your website I could sense you are really expert”.

“My budget is clearly lower than your prices so I decided to give the cheaper guy a try. So to cut the long story short I will just say I was terribly deceived”.

“Been thinking for the whole day though. I’ve been ruining my so well planned holidays with this idea bugging me. I thought to go for you after all”.

“Well I admit it’s easy to say after the massage. No difference? Damn… your job belongs to a whole different universe. Besides, no way to compare your talent. “Just” for twice as much the money. Though the experience I lived up with you was on a totally different dimension. Now I understand it”.

“So I ended up wasting the “cheap masseur’s” money.

“‘Cheap’ sometimes means ‘unnecessary’. Difficult to know in advance though!”

As you guess, the ending of all these contacting issues is always different. Consequently there are too many testimonials to fit them all in just one post!

What is a cheaper massage

First off, what is cheap? What is expensive? So what is the criteria to put a number and a value on a specific service?

Is a 900 € smartphone expensive? Why do millions of people buy them?

Is a 35 € smartphone worth it?

Is a 15.000 € wristwatch cheap? Though do they sell thousands a day!

Are you looking for a balance of quality and price? Or just for a price as a number?

Finally, what is your priority? Quality or price? Or maybe both!

What is my goal?

Yes, it’s also relevant to know what my goals are. If you are dealing with me I will be honest and straightforward. As I always am.

My goal is serving you! Though not at any price though.

Because the benefits are all for you. You want me fresh, not exhausted. You want me groomed, not sweaty.

And now think of yourself. What is your reaction if your boss is asking you to work more hours. On top of that, even for less money at the end of the week? What is your reaction?

Fortunately I am working for myself. I have no other boss than Taxes and bills. And taxes and also being a lawful enterprise means facing a lot of expenses.

As you can see my prices are the result of some well done mathematics. But not only!

“Your massage is priceless. You could charge twice as much because your clientele is the premium one”.

Balance is the keyword. I always listen to all my customer’s comments. This does not mean I have to obey them though!

See these amazing exclusive masseurs! You’ll find it easier to understand!

Cheaper massage is not my business

Honestly I prefer working less and offering a better massage than burning out. As you can guess by now quality is a very relevant aspect in all departments of my life.

My customers are educated guys who know what they want. Because they value my bodywork and understand all the differences I will talk about in the next sub-heading.

It is not only about you being worthy. I am serving many guys with an average income level. The difference that sets them apart is their common sense.

Additionally, “one more thing”: my local Spanish customers pay the same prices. I don’t use different prices for different customers!

Being proud about my customers —and the other way around— is the clue I’m on the right track!

Cheaper massage in Barcelona

Yes, there are cheaper masseurs in Barcelona. And —bad for you— there are reasons for them to be cheaper!

  • Cheaper masseurs don’t pay taxes.
  • They hardly have a clue about massage.
  • Hygiene: do you trust somebody not changing the paper sheets on his massage table?
  • Re-using massage oil: somebody else’s body hair will land on your skin.
  • Attitude: do you trust a not educated guy?
  • Languages: how can you communicate with a guy hardly speaking Spanish correctly? Let alone speaking English.
  • The premises: using somebody else’s room?
  • Addicts: do you trust somebody so desperate to grab a 20 € note from you? He is much more focused on getting your money that on giving you a service.
  • Pictures: most of the cheaper masseurs are stealing somebody else’s pictures. How about being greeted by a toothless guy?
  • Police inspections: guys offering undercover services are sometimes getting unexpected visits by the police. How would you feel being naked in a situation like this? You are welcomed to hand your passport to the Spanish or Catalan police. They will be polite to you though.

You bet: this is not fun to me at all! All of these are true anecdotes though. My customers told me a bunch of stories.

There are many more reasons, but I think all these are enough by now!

Even cheaper strategies

Some of my low budget customers are using interesting strategies. They call let’s say at 3 PM. Asking for my availability hours. I tell them honestly I’m still available.

They think:

“This guy is not landing a gig in a week”.

Then they call back at 8 PM just to check if I’m still available.

Unfortunately to them I’m not anymore. I did land a customer respecting my caché. Or even more than one. And then I’m working until 1 AM.

Next morning the same low budget customer calls offering:

“How about a 30 minutes massage?”

Welcome in Barcelona!

Go on checking much more interesting content than this post on exclusive masseurs!

I will be very happy to serve you!

Call me if you need some additional information about quality gay massage!

Paco: contact me!

Finally, and for guys who prefer gay escorts. Check this guys!

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