Chantage massage

Chantage massage

Chantage massage

Chantage massage is the most feared experience. In fact it panics many men. Especially married men! So this is why I’m speaking about it here.

Though I am a very bad example to this. Since I never used any personal information from my customers!

Chantage massage

As the opposite in the Beatles’s song “Michelle” rhyming with “ma belle”. So chantage and massage are two words that don’t go together well. Do they?

Recently I came across a website offering some intriguing “chantage service”. Since it was written from a Spanish speaking person it might misspell a different word or idea. I can’t imagine a wrong translation though. Anyway!

Though this made me realise how sensitive many situations could be.

Because this remembered me of a client I recently served.

“Paco, are you sure there are no hidden cameras in your massage studio?”

Of course there aren’t. I couldn’t imagine what for.

Famous chantage massage

We have seen many cases of masseurs who have filed harassment or other crimes against celebrities. One very famous case is the one involving John Travolta. Honestly, I have no idea about what happened and I didn’t follow the story. So don’t even ask me how it ended up.

The only purpose is money though. Unfortunately some masseurs need to use extortion to go “the fast way to money“. The reason is because they are not good enough to make a honorable living on their own job. To me this is a very sad reason.

I love my job. Swapping my job against making quick money is not an option.

I’m quite sure those guys suing their customers have a really short career.

Besides, the word “reputation” is a relevant one to me! Together with “honesty“.

Chantage massage

“Please don’t tell anybody I have been here. I don’t know if you know me, but just in case you do. I need to trust your absolute discretion”.

It is my business and nobody else’s who I served with my erotic massages.

I do have enough regular customers to make a good living. And many international customers coming from all cities around the world as well. So there is no reason I tell somebody else about my constant massage appointments. There’s literally no time.

Reverse chantage massage

One guy instead tried to blackmail myself. Isn’t this fun!

“Hey Paco I will tell everybody in your family what your job is about. You surely have a partner and he will also get to know”.

Cool! Since everybody knows exactly what my job is about, I told him to go ahead. He was just some weirdo after a free massage. A joke. Not even a bad one, a sad guy.

I always say, here end everywhere, how proud I am about my job. If my family didn’t know, this would  not be a true statement. Who can be proud about something he is keeping secret?

Gay massage in Barcelona

Lastly, let’s talk about what my service is about indeed!

Now you know I’m a honest professional masseur. You may wonder though, what is my gay massage about?

These are my massage prices. I always suggest the naked massage though. It’s the most popular and deep down what everybody wants!

After all this, please go on exploring for more interesting contents.

Or call me to discuss whatever you need to ask! Paco: +34676648226

See you soon in Barcelona!

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