Celibacy massage

Celibacy massage

Celibacy massage

Celibacy massage is the ideal solution for men who decided to refrain from sex. Because the men who choose celibacy also need tenderness and sweetness.

As you know, emotional balance needs specific kinds of intimate communication. And erotic massage is the perfect way to respect your own limits. Without ever giving up skin on skin warmth.

I’m not taking celibacy in a narrow-minded way though. Men who choose to be celibate have different reasons, and I can understand them all. Besides, like everything in life, there is a wide range of flavours. From strict to flexible.

And we all know ayurvedic massage and erotic massage are not equal to sensual intercourse!

What is celibacy?

Celibacy means giving up sensuality, sensual life and sometimes marriage. Celibacy is the willing restraint or abstinence from any kind of sensual activity. Masturbation is usually included in the activities not allowed when choosing to be celibate. Not always, though.

The latin word “caelibus” means “single”. The history of this word is as ancient as Roman Empire —at least! It is funny how different religions and societies have had radically different approaches to celibacy.

While ancient Romans saw celibacy as an aberration, Catholics have seen it as a virtue. Thus it turned to be a part of the religious engagement. Ancient Judaism did also fight against it. There must be some reasons to use celibacy against or in favor of moral virtue.

Religions as Hinduism and the Catholic church have set celibacy as an extremely relevant personal sacrifice. So their ministers need to undergo this. Because it is one of their main spiritual directions. And the individuals who choose these religions and apostolic life embrace celibacy voluntarily.

The meaning of celibacy today

You would be surprised to know how many men also choose celibacy today.

Although it has a quite new meaning. Nowadays men who choose to be celibate have quite different reasons.

  • Because of previous emotional hurts
  • Keeping themselves for “the right one”
  • Sex addicts in rehab
  • For spiritual reasons
  • To value sex
  • To keep balance

Some of my customers have told me about this. I guess there have been many more, though sometimes this is not a subject to share with a masseur. And I can understand anyone’s silence. Everyone has his own reasons. And I respect them all!

Celibacy massage testimonials

“My spiritual master told me to avoid any kind of sensual contact. Even done by myself. But the job you do matches both my desires and what I am allowed to do. I know I am able to climax without touching my penis”.

And this is so true! Tantra massage can be very spiritual. Therefore I adapt to specific requests. This young man had an amazing climax avoiding intimate touch. It was all done with a very soft skin to skin contact. His spontaneous climax felt like when you awake all wet after having an erotic dream.

“I am still mourning my partner. My love for him is so deep I really feel unable to meet anyone new. There is no room for a new man in my life. I chose celibacy to honor his memory”.

Love can be enormous. And suffering can also be enormous. This man chose my massage to remember what intimate pleasure feels like. He closed his eyes and traveled back into his own memories. He celebrated the intimate union with his beloved in a very special way. Like a ritual. He then left with a big smile and a sense of completion.

Sex addicts

“I have been a sex addict. Now I need to find back the true meaning of sex. My therapist and I discussed celibacy. And I chose to restrain from sex. But not from massage!”

The need for sensual intimacy feels very powerful when serving this kind of men. Somehow they are not too willingly celibate. But at least erotic massage feels to them as a treat without cheating on the main goal.

“I need to feel I am pure. So I am keeping myself for my man. I still didn’t meet the right one. But I need to be proud about not having a vulgar sensual life. There is no place for meaningless sex in my life. I feel like a virgin and I’m proud of it!”

I respect all personal decisions. They are absolutely legitimate and no-one deserves to be judged for his own decisions. What is safe for you might feel odd for somebody else.

Celibacy massage

There are many techniques and massage grips to express tenderness, sweetness and intimate warmth. Even coconut oil will add some nice scent to our session.

Avoiding sex is as easy as enjoying my erotic Tantra massage. Since I will use all these —or just the grips you want me to.

You are the one setting the limits though. I will listen to you and of course I will respect any guidelines you ask me to obey.

Book your celibacy massage

Please feel free to ask me whatever questions you have. Because I will be very happy to serve you!

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Hopefully I’ll see you soon!

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