Caressing is sex

Caressing is sex

Caressing is sex

“Caressing is sex” most psychologist agree. What is the truth behind this bold sentence though?

What are the boundaries between physical intimacy and sex?


Caressing is a common behaviour in most of the big mammals. You have probably seen apes, big cats, elephants and even dolphins caressing each other.

And we see these intimate scenes as something deep and moving. Because caressing is an intimate act of sharing emotions.

Sex is also about sharing —but of course we need to go higher. Several steps and even levels higher in the scale of touching!

Caressing might just the beginning though. You can keep a caress in the white level. Or you can start something that can go much more personal —and forbidden!

First off, it seems the difference among caresses is their intention.

Caressing and intention

Anyway, whatever the intention is, the start is always a caress. You can’t expect to have with somebody if you didn’t share a caress or a look.

Caress is the first move to show an interest and some physical attraction. Sometimes even a more spiritual attraction needs the expression of touching as well.

Grabbing somebody’s crotch or kissing without permission is a bold move —not to say gross and violent. And the first answer might be rejection.

So taking some time to build up a safer connection really pays the effort.

Caressing step by step

Step by step helps building a safe entourage of sensual bodywork. I use all of these laws to establish a comfortable and intimate connection.

Types of caressing

There are many “colours” and “temperatures” for caressing.

  • Greeting caress
  • Friendly caress
  • Thankful caress
  • Rewarding caress
  • Comforting caress
  • Intimate caress
  • Sexy caress
  • Passionate caress
  • Sexual caress

You will recognise it because the intentions are absolutely different. The intentions and the means you use to express your emotions should match though.

And you can feel and express the intention not only by the caress itself but the look in your eyes, the voice and the ambiance where it’s done.

The atmosphere is part of the message.

Caressing is sex

Caressing is a relevant part of erotic massage. It is also the starting of our connection. The way I will caress you will color the way our massage will go on. And your reactions, of course.

We use to call it “grips” when speaking about massage. Sensual massage is also the blending of strokes and grips with caressing.

And a good masseur needs to have control over all these languages. If words are the tools for a writer, the human touch is the masseur’s alphabet.

There is an infinite rainbow of touches. All of them are there to be enjoyed and to be shared.

“If caressing is sex, your massage is an amazing sexual experience!”

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