Canadian massage customers

Canadian massage customers

Canadian massage customers

Canadian massage customers are very positive about what they are requesting with a gay massage. They also know perfectly what the differences are between sex and massage.

Of course they chose when contacting us is erotic massage!

Canadian massage customers

Canadian men are extremely polite, educated and respectful. Besides, Canadians are always very nice and balanced.

It shows I like Canadian men!

They have a little scoundrel spice as well. Is it from some French origin? I don’t know!

Most of the times Canadians focus on the best quality. They want an excellent massage. They also pay great attention to all the sexy stuff around the service. Sexy is not enough, and good massage is not enough as well.

They value the perfect mix of massage and erotic bodywork I’m performing.

“A sexy man performing a sexy massage is the best you can have!”

G. — Montréal

Gay Canadian massage customers

There is a topic idea about all Canadians being bears, hairy, tall and strong. That’s partially true. Most of my Canadian customers are like this, but there are also some extremely sexy and attractive Asian Canadians.

Canadians have this European style about culture, politics and gastronomy. I guess it’s the French influence again.

Finally, Canadians are quite open minded. I mean more than Spaniards. I have served many fresh married gay couples and they like to share pleasure in a very healthy and balanced way.

Canadian testimonials

“This has been an amazing massage. I am not used to these but I am absolutely certain you are among the very best!”

“My partner has been talking so much about you that I finally decided to have the same massage he did yesterday. Hell he’s right! I also enjoyed the fact you allowed me to massage you!”

“First off, my “penchant” are bear-men. Not that we don’t have them over in Canada, but you make a very sexy daddy masseur. Most of all I enjoyed your seducing and almost sexual bodywork”.

“Your job is above all expectations. Honestly I never had a massage like this! So I now understand how your locals get addicted to you”.

Ordering your massage is as easy as calling or sending a message. You can also use SMS or whatsApp if you prefer.

Please explore the different massage options and especially my naked massage!

Paco: +34676648226

Go on exploring my website and find interesting and sexy subjects about gay lifestyle!

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