Budget massage

Budget massage

Budget massage

Budget massage is the special treat for guys on a tight budget.

Barcelona is living some glorious years when we speak about tourism. Not all tourists though have a very high budget. Right the opposite, because more and more students are visiting.

Because Barcelona is a trendy city. So very attractive for the young population around the world.

Budget massage

More and more students are interested in experiencing erotic Tantra massage. Many of them have a very high income level and don’t think twice. They go for the 90 minutes naked massage in the blinking of an eye.

Though many others keep thinking and need some time to take a decision. They think I am too pricey. Of course they prefer quality massage and want to be certain they are spending their money on the right masseur. Most of them prefer my expertise over other guys that have cheaper prices.

So I can easily understand their dilemma. Quality or low budget?

Of course you want it all!

Budget massage for gay men

While a few guys dare to make an offering, I’m not accepting ridiculous prices. What is my advise? Be smart and don’t overdo the dealing. Making a bold move is risky.

Especially when dealing with me, since I am very busy. I also confess I have no time for endless dealings that are going nowhere.

Special budget massages

Recently I found out  some news about my “express massages“. They are what you can also tag as “budget massages”. One of my express massage is just 90 €, so clearly under the 100€ limit.

So these are my budget massages:

All of these are different in features. Just be honest with yourself though! So don’t ask for a relaxing massage if you also want to caress my intimate parts.

Relaxing massage

This is the perfect massage for serenity and calm. Disconnect your mind with a very spiritual tantric massage. While spiritual is the opposite to carnal.

This therapy includes a very blissful happy ending. After this massage you’ll feel absolutely new. Also with a clean mind and some very fresh new energy!

Though this is the massage I never suggest to guys who are extremely horny. So if you need some passionate mutual action, a very intense body to body massage please choose the naked massage.

  • Price: 90 €
  • Duration: 45 minutes

Prostate massage

Many guys like the sensual stimulation of the prostate. The sensual pleasure you can achieve is absolutely blissful. I do it in a very delicate way. Because the goal is your pleasure always!

This therapy includes much more body to body contact than the relaxing massage.

  • Price: 120 €
  • Duration: 45 minutes 

Naked massage

As the name suggests, we are both naked for this therapy. This is the most exciting bodywork you’ll ever have on Earth!

Naked body to body feels extremely hot, almost sensual. Penis on penis rubbing —some call it frottage. Though also many other extremely daring practices. Always safe, always clean, always amazing!

“This massage is much better than making love! It is an amazing choreography that feels absolutely natural and spontaneous! I wish my husband was as passionate as you are!”

Tou can check all the features list on naked massage. Please have in mind the longer the session the more features are included though!

  • Price: 150 €
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Price: 120 €
  • Duration: 30 minutes

Barcelona Budget massage

So now you know the most essential about my low cost massages. If you still have questions please feel free to call me!


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