The New Brazilian Customers Remind Me Of My Old Time In Rio

Brazilian customers

The New Brazilian Customers Remind Me Of My Old Time In Rio

Brazilian customers are sweet, sensual and passionate. Brazilian customers are very special to me. For all the reasons I’m explaining here. So go on reading!

“We don’t have professionals doing your job over in Brazil. There is no in-between escorts and therapy masseurs. Though your work is just the stuff I needed!”

My Brazilian “roots”

I spent some years in Rio de Janeiro. I was living there with my Brazilian partner, so I know a bit about Brazilian life —and Brazilian men! Not just the typical, also the most special sides to all of them. I dived deep into Brazilian family life and Brazilian society. So no wonder it was hard for me to leave Rio.

Brazil is such a wonderful Universe. More than just a country I’d say!— for which I feel so thankful!

Brazil also gave me the wonderful chance to open my mind to explore sensuality and break many limits I had in my mind. It was there where I learned most of erotic secrets. All the erotic attitude that comes so handy for my erotic bodywork! I am very thankful for all I had the chance to live up and learn there!

Fortunately I had some solid foundation on massage and Tantric massage. I started learning it in Turkey before ever traveling to Rio. And the blend of these two approaches to sensuality is absolute dynamite!

“I will see you every time I am coming back to Barcelona. You are my Spanish lover!”

Young Brazilian customers

It is amazing how the youngest of my customers are Brazilian or Muslim. And when I say “youngest” I mean from 21 to 26. Because nowadays men in their 50s are also young!

Youngest Brazilian men have this amazing thirst to learn everything about sensuality and lovemaking. So they seem to collect different experiences and lovemaking styles from around the world.

Is it from their “Wanderlust” from where they are taking their lessons?

“You taught me how to make it last much much… much longer”.

Mature Brazilian customers

I find mature Brazilian men the most fascinating. They are smart, sensitive, sexy and wise in many aspects.

Mature Brazilians know very well what they want. And they are also very generous.

We all know massage is a bodywork requiring one guy to give it. The counterpart is the receiver who is enjoying the massage. But Brazilians soon feel that this is getting too constraining.

Brazilian men love sharing and giving back the excitement they can feel. They soon turn over and start sharing. Exactly as Fernando did it, and it is all describe in of of my erotic stories.

“This has been like spontaneous lovemaking. I like the way you improvise and adapt to my different moves and positions! You are very flexible and very hot!”

Flexibility is a clue word for Brazilians. Call it “jogo de cintura”, something useful in many departments in life, not just massage. Consequently, there is no protocol you can use on Brazilians! It is always a new massage, always a unique bodywork!

Well, exactly as I try to work on each client!

Magic Brazilian customers

Brazilians have this magic.

“We are two guys here, not just me. You help to make up this magic, Paco! I really enjoyed your session. It’s been amazing and much more than I could ever expect from a massage!”

Brazilian masseurs

Finally, now this Brazilian client is visiting Barcelona, Sitges or Madrid, he wants to have a taste of some passionate massage performed by a European male as myself.

Though some others —the less adventurous— prefer to keep it familiar, so they ask me for Brazilian masseurs.

Fortunately I have an excellent chemistry will most of the best Brazilian masseurs living in Barcelona! Both friendship wise and on the professional level.

Check Ronaldo, Benito and Adams!

Though Fred is sometimes in Madrid or Mallorca, you can’t miss checking his profile!

Gay massage in Barcelona

Any questions? Just contact me! I will be so happy to speak to you! You don’t need to be a Brazilian though!

Contact me in the way you prefer.

Call me to speak personally if you wish. We can always set a personalised massage session!

Contact me!

Go on exploring the universe of gay sensuality and eroticism, also by checking the testimonials and the FAQs.

Some Brazilians also asked me about my Spanish website, el Masaje Prohibido..

A gente se vê em Barcelona!

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