The new boyfriend experience is much cheaper than having a long term partner

Boyfriend experience

The new boyfriend experience is much cheaper than having a long term partner

Boyfriend experience is a very special desire many single men are craving for!

It is also full in trend these days! Maybe because it is the opposite to what the apps for instant sex are capable to offer. After so many quick encounters, we now need to dive deeper into relationships.

No matter if you are single or in a long term relationship though, a boyfriend experience is always welcomed! Especially with a handsome man who awakens your tenderness, your kinky side or your sexual fantasies.

Not to mention that you can also live a three-some couple for many days with the guy you choose!

On a darker tone, we see many men who feel loneliness while they are far away from home. No matter if you are single or partnered, being alone for too long can be depressing.

Cheer up!

Your boyfriend is much closer here!

Healthy boyfriend experience

Let’s describe a little bit what the boyfriend experience is about! The starting point is always pleasure, fun and enjoyment in a healthy environment —physically and emotionally.

This special experience should always be safe. Safe in all aspects:

  • Emotionally balanced
  • Happy, joyful, fun!
  • Protecting you at all times
  • Respecting your limits
  • Fulfilling your desires
  • From vanilla to fetish
  • Safe from any infections

Men who are telling us about these sort of experience describe it this way:

“That was the guy I always wanted to date. He had just everything I always need in a man! And on top of that, he has plenty of everything!”

Another good client added this:

“The fact you end the relationship exactly when you need to is also a big advantage to me. I had an amazing time with Leo, saving all the dramas at the end. After this amazing time I could go on with my life with no hurts and no pain. So I went t back to my life in a heartbeat!”

Gay boyfriend experience

Gay men are needy. Because we have so many fantasies! And we also make efforts for them to come true!

Do you think straight men don’t? Well we are also serving many straight and bisexual men who like to put themselves to a test.

It’s also about sharing! Sharing real life together.

Different boyfriend experiences

Each and every man is different. Some men focus on the emotional aspects of relationships. While many others want to have an amazing bed experience. Finally, some others like to take it to the socialising context.

You can check as many aspects as you wish! Maybe some more we forgot to mention here:

  • Romantic
  • Touristic
  • Sexy experience
  • Kinky moments
  • Bedroom experience
  • Dinner for two
  • Pop corn at the Movies
  • Take me to the Roman baths
  • So let’s hit the town in Barcelona!


So what is “romantic” for you? Watching the sun go down over the sea horizon? An amazing view over the city, a nice dinner on a terrace?

“The best of all moments with Fred was having breakfast together in the morning sunlight. With that unique view over Barcelona!”

Another guys told me this:

Benito was incredibly creative, frisky and passionate. He fulfilled whatever needs I had during the time together. Now this experience is over I miss him so much. I am planning to enjoy this again next year”.

Paying for love?

It doesn’t matter if you are aware or not, we are always paying for everything. You’ll agree with us that, at this point of life, nothing is for free.

We heard a lot about what expensive boyfriends can do. Precisely from those men who have payed a lot of sacrifice —emotionally, not just in terms of money. Having a relationship means spending money. Yes, while you are in love, everything feels right. Though after the bliss is gone, you realise how expensive that guy has been to your finances.

Enjoying a boyfriend experience has saved me a lot of time, drama, sufferings —and money!

Paying for certainty

This client opened our eyes in another aspect:

In life usually everything is unexpected. Since I am the planner and organised type, I want to have everything under control. And hiring a boyfriend allows me to use my time efficiently. I know I arrive in Sitges having not just my nice hotel suite but also the company I want. Exactly the man I want for exactly all the things I want to share with him. In my opinion, you can’t leave to good luck the things that are relevant to you. I never won in the lotteries, but I know how to get what I want”.

Available boyfriends

By now, the available gay masseurs to offer boyfriend experiences are:

If you have a special interest on someone else from all our exclusive masseurs, please contact and make your request.

Needless to say it is relevant you plan ahed of time, since all these masseurs are constantly receiving requests for gay massage. And we always honor all of our appointments.

Back to real life

In the meantime, you can also have a romantic massage!

Or the best gay tantric massage with Paco. Though make sure he is not already booked by someone else!

Contact us!

Finally, here you can discover massage prices for as short as 45 minutes. As you can see, we have options for everyone!

See you soon!

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