Boyfriend experience

Boyfriend experience

Boyfriend experience

Boyfriend experience is a very special desire men have been craving for forever!

No matter if you are single or in a long term relationship, a boyfriend experience is always welcomed! Especially with a handsome man who awakens your tenderness, your kinky side or your sexual fantasies.

We see many men who feel loneliness while they are far away from home. While no matter if you are single or partnered. Some too long time alone hurts.

So why not living it up? No guilt, no remorse! Just one day —or maybe two!

Though some guys need a whole week after having so much fund during the first day.

Healthy boyfriend experience

The boyfriend experience we’d like to offer you is a safe one. Safe in all aspects:

  • Emotionally balanced
  • Happy, joyful, fun!
  • Protecting you at all times
  • Respecting your limits
  • Fulfilling your desires
  • From vanilla to fetish
  • Safe from any infections

Leo, Tom, Fred and Matt are not only excellent masseurs. They are:

“The guy I always wanted to date. This guy has just everything I need! And on top of that, he has plenty of everything!”

Gay boyfriend experience

Gay men are needy. We have so many fantasies. We know it. And we also make efforts for them to come true!

So it’s not only a matter of chance. It is also a matter of your own will. Are you really wanting to live it up?

Do you think straight men don’t? Well we are also serving many straight and bisexual men who like to put themselves to a test. And the boyfriend experience is something involving many more aspects than just having sex.

It’s about sharing!

Sharing real life together.

Different boyfriend experiences

All of us are different. Some men focus on the emotional aspects of relationships. While many others want to have an amazing bed experience. Finally, some others like to take it to the socialising context.

    • Romantic
    • Barcelona boyfriend experience
    • Sexy experience
    • Kinky moments
    • Bedroom experience
    • Dinner for two —or three!
    • Pop corn at the Movies
    • Take me to the Roman baths
    • So let’s party Barcelona!


So what is “romantic” for you? Watching the sun go down over the sea? An amazing view over the city, a nice dinner on a terrace? Having the certainty of having great sex afterwards?

“The best of all moments with Matt was having breakfast together in the morning sunlight. With that unique view over Barcelona!”

Make a wish. Because the decision to make it come true is in your hands only! We are doing the rest.

“Leo is incredibly creative, frisky and passionate. He fulfilled whatever needs I had during the time together. Now this experience is over I miss him so much. I will come back next year to spend some more time with him”.

In the meantime, you can also have a romantic massage!

Barcelona boyfriend experience

Fancy strolling around the secret spots in Barcelona? While discovering all the hidden gems no tourist gets to know. Trust Matt and Paco and dive into an amazing Barcelona experience!

Sexy experience

Erotic massage might not be enough to satisfy your fantasies though. Because you need some longer time, no matter if silent or talking about any subject.

Kinky moments

Do we share some fetish? Let’s speak about our fetish massages and some other stuff you might bring along. It’s about time to learn and teach.

Bedroom experience

Massage is way too short though. Because you want to have sex without leaving the hotel bedroom. Overnight? All day long? Call us and let’s discuss the details.

Dinner for two —or three!

So you want somebody to take you out to fine dining in Barcelona. A nice place, a nice atmosphere, maybe some specific food style.

Leo, Fred and Matt are the perfect men to take you out!

Incidentally you might wish to build up a three-some experience? Paco or Jack can also join you for a while!

Partying boyfriend experience

For party animals: Leo will take you to the wildest places in town. Once you are exhausted he will take you to bed. And let’s play it by the ear.

Take me to the Movies

What’s your style? Action, romantic, porn? Enjoy some movie time and discuss the movie afterwards. Right the way your real boyfriend does not like to do it. Tell us how you really like it to be!

Take me to the Roman baths

If you are a spa-fan we also know some places to take you. Of course not the gay saunas or bath-houses! Some true Roman ancient baths!

So ask us if you really want to experience special things that are not common places in the gay circuit. There are already enough guides to Gay Eixample!

Book your boyfriend experience now!

Call us and let’s discuss your personal preferences, your dreams and desires. Please be honest so we can also honestly tell you what’s feasible!

So don’t risk being the last one to call!

You are also welcomed to check their direct website:

Also when we speak about gay tantric massage! Don’t miss Leo, Fred, Tom, Jack Matt o Paco already booked by somebody else!

Call Paco to discuss the details: +34676648226

Go on exploring our website on gay massage in Barcelona:

See you soon!

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