Body to body massage Barcelona

Body to body massage Barcelona

Body to body massage Barcelona

Body to body massage Barcelona is the most special and unique gay massage style. Because body to body massage is a very specific kind of bodywork that builds on mutual confidence and personal trust.

Allowing somebody else to get that close into your intimate spheres is the start of an amazing experience. A really hot experience, mind you!

Body to body massage Barcelona

To build up this moment you need to trust a specific kind of erotic masseur. By the way, you are able to choose exactly the exclusive masseur you prefer. Almost all master Tantra techniques and many other sorts of grips! We are certain you will get the best and the most out of it.

And this is me, Paco, your strong, tall and hairy masseur in Barcelona. I am very experienced in all of these sensual massage styles.

Training is a relevant starting point though. But please note that experience is also a relevant key to adapt to many a situation. I am also very expert in creating the right sensual moment for each and every man. I somehow can guess and feel what your preferences are.

So this way I can set up a wavelength where we will meet. Sharing the specific communication we will be able to live up a very intense and unique moment.

Body to body massage Barcelona
Body to body massage Barcelona

Body to body contact Barcelona

Skin contact and thus body to body massage is a very special moment in life. Since intimacy is something we share with men we care about. So not just any guy.

Now you can also share it with a professional massage therapist. A guy who knows how to use his own body to communicate with yours.

Unleashing sensuality to create a sexy moment needs some talent and some experience. Not every masseur has the will nor the talent. You also need the special calling to perform it.

First off, to me erotic massage is my profession and my calling. And it shows “from the very first touch“, as my customers say. They also say “you have a warm touch”.

Some others shared their testimonials on “amazing gay massage!”. By the way, we also have a FAQs page with some weird questions!

So when the right time comes where our bodies touch and start gliding against each other the magic moment is starting. That’s when you loose track of time and space. Some call it a trance. You will always be aware of pleasure. Though especially aware of the very special man to man moment you’ll be enjoying.

Book your body to body experience

Book your erotic body to body with me. You will discover what true man to man enjoyment is about. Just dare to take this first step and you will be happy during and after the massage.

Got questions? I’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you have. And of course I will be very happy to serve you:

Paco: contact me here.

More info about prices on Relaxing Massage, Prostate Massage and Interactive Tantric Massage.

See you soon in Barcelona!

If this sort of intimate bodywork is not enough you can also choose to have full sex with exclusive masseurs.

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