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Valentine massage

Valentine massage

Valentine massage is the one you can’t miss! The lovers’ day on February 14th is a very special day. It is even more special if you are far away from your honey. If there’s a will there’s a way! You can also enjoy a very sweet, romantic yet sensual experience in Barcelona!

Why Valentine massage?

There are as many reasons to enjoy an erotic Tantra massage on Valentine’s day as men on earth!

“I feel lonely. My husband died some time ago and I need a sweet yet romantic and passionate touch. I feel thirst for love!”

My sensual gay massage is all this and more: sweet, tender, intimate and passionate. Some men call it “slow sex”, and this is a good description of what my bodywork can give you.

Valentines’ day can be a very happy one if you have your partner and everything’s working fine.

And Valentine’s day can be sad for those who feel lonely.

Valentine massage in Barcelona

I am often contacted by men who are on a business trip in Barcelona.

“I have a very active sexual life with my partner. I didn’t have sex for more than three days and I need a release. Not just “whatever realease” but a nice one. I want some tenderness, some elaborate bodywork, something intimate and true”.

This is exactly what I do. My bodywork is some elaborate massage to make you feel loved, taken care of and pampered.

Valentine massage for couples

The three-some effect of my couples massage is intense, sexy and sometimes daring. I have a very deep respect for whatever I feel is happening between you. I am never competing against one or the other, rather the opposite. I try to glue you together!

It is a complicity building therapy. The three of us will enjoy this time together.

Even if it is an enjoyable time, or just because it is enjoyable, it is also a therapy. Some couples need to go a step back to seduction time. Don’t take everything fro granted. Work on seducing each other again!

Book your Valentine massage

Whatever your background, this is a chance you have to fulfil some secret desires. Sensuality is a huge world of possibilities. Discovering new intimate landscapes can be a fascinating adventure!

Call me and let’s discuss the details. Paco: +34676648226

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See you in Barcelona!