Gay massage in Spain


These are some brief Terms of Service. First off, they are to ensure we share the same goal. While I am providing you with an excellent massage service you agree to a small number of facts. Of course you need to be aware of them!


This site is using cookies. Though no personal data is ever collected nor stored. Because the only purpose is a technical one. The final goal is improving your user experience. The data tracked is just about numeric values to analyse audience and visits to the website.

Age of consent

There is no limitation about the age of a customer. As long as you are over 18 years old! This is the age of consent in Spain and in many other Western countries.

Your age does not matter to my service though. I am serving men from 18 years old to more than 80 years of age. Because Gay massage is a universal service.


Be clean. Please share with me the interest for personal and intimate hygiene as well. You are welcomed to have a shower before and after the massage. No matter if in my studio or in your hotel room.

My massage studio is always clean.

When welcoming me in your hotel room or apartment please have a clean room and clean air.

Use of drugs

I never use drugs nor alcohol. Of course you are free to do so in your private life. Though please be sober when meeting me for a gay massage. Effects of alcohol and drugs may interfere with the goal of erotic massage.

Price dealing?

I never bargain my massage prices. Because I have plenty of bookings on a daily basis, serving customers from all around the world. Different origins, different religions, different socio-economic statuses. And different ages. From students to senior retired men. The range is almost a 98% of all kinds of profiles worldwide able to travel and visiting Barcelona.

In a nut-shell: my prices are reasonable and logic.


Yes I can do discounts. I will give you one massage for free after enjoying 9 of them in the time period of 12 months. The massage session I’ll give you for free will be the naked massage.

Taxi included

Taxis are always included when serving hotels as out-call service in the city of Barcelona.

If you are at a location out of Barcelona (as Sitges) or far from the city, please let me know. Because we need to deal the total amount of the service. I usually don’t ask for travel expenses for massages over 200 €.


In Europe tips are seen differently than in the Unites States of America and Arabic countries. Because in Europe you give a tip to point out your satisfaction with the service. There is no minimum nor maximum percentage.

Of course I am always happy to get a tip. I accept it as sign of your satisfaction. Topugh you are also very welcomed just to tell me you’re happy!

No caller ID

Calls using Skype, vibe or blocked cell numbers are not always answered. Because if I get a call like this during a massage I’d be unable to get back at you later. I understand your need of discretion. Thugh once you read all my terms and FAQs you’ll have proof of how discrete I am.

If you don’t wish to expose your personal cell number nor e-mail address please call me from your hotel landline. In case I’m not answering please record a message.

Please don’t forget telling me what are your name and room number. This way I will be able to call back to your hotel landline.

Massage and sex

So you are aware of the difference between massage and sex. I am frequently told “oh, I didn’t know!” The goal of setting up a massage appointment with you is delivering an enjoyable bodywork for your pleasure.

Lately I decided to include oral sex into my services. So please check Tantra Fusion to see what it is all a out!

See more info here:

You can also order Matt. He is a masseur and a gay escort as well.

Please read the description about the massages I can offer you. I am no undercover escort.

Naked Massage

Prostate Massage

Relaxing Massage

Fetish Massages

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Questions? Suggestions? Please call me!

Paco: +34 676 648 226

See you in Barcelona for your most amazing massage ever!