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Tantra massage training

Tantra massage training

Tantra massage training has different levels. As any learning process, Tantra massage needs some previous theoretical lessons. Then you will be ready to start the practice itself.

Tantra massage training

Teaching Tantra is a very difficult job. I admire all those Tantra Masters who are teaching Tantra around the world.

  • What is Tantra
  • The 7 chakras and their meanings
  • Breathing techniques
  • Positions and attitude
  • Sexual energies
  • Mindful massage
  • Massage techniques
  • Lingam massage
  • Prostate massage
  • Body to body contact

There are many other contents that I see as extremely relevant. Serving a real Tantra erotic massage needs revisiting many other aspects. This might feel wearing and boring. Especially to the mainstream audience of this website.

Tantra massage training levels

  • Theory: History of Tantra
  • Theory: Tantra and Hinduism
  • Theory: Tantra and Yoga
  • Theory: Chakras
  • Practice: human body
  • Practice: the male body
  • Real massage sessions
  • Serving a real customer

Many men approach me with the will of learning only one of these aspects. “Tantra” means “tissue”. And this is exactly how I think it should be taught. As the whole interlaced wisdom. And this needs a long process. Some masters call it “the path”.

Tantra massage training goals

If I should teach you Tantra I would like you to understand many things. Some of them go far beyond the plain bodywork.

  • Understanding yourself
  • Knowing yourself
  • The attitude to serve another man
  • The protocol of treating a man: giving
  • The ritual session
  • The physical connection or “chemistry”
  • Tenderness
  • Patience
  • Directing and controlling a massage session
  • Respect your own limits

All these may sound weird or even unnecessary. They make a huge difference though!

I believe in unique and personal energies. It is just fair that every Tantra masseur has his personal style. This is the only way that customers will be able to choose one or the other masseur. Everybody should be able to follow their personal preferences.

Tantra massage training in Barcelona

I am frequently asked about trainings in Barcelona.

  • One week Tantra trainings
  • Weekend Tantra trainings
  • Higher Tantra level trainings

I am currently only serving erotic Tantra massage for gay men. Trainings need a huge amount of available time and multiple disciples.

These days I am not offering any training courses.

You will find many more subjects about Tantra massage, expert tricks, fetish massage and massage styles on my full website: