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Piss and fart in the shower

I recently got an incredible review from a customer thanking me for something really surprising!

He was thankful for me not to piss and fart in the shower. It was such an amazing story I thought I’d share it.

“Paco, thank you so much for being a polite masseur. And I’d like to thank you specifically for being such a clean man. I have payed really expensive escorts in my life, like ten times your hourly fee, and none has been up to your level. Can you believe they all piss and fart in the shower? This is so disgusting! And you are the first one to be professional, elegant, polite and clean. It’s more than your massage! You go boy!”

Piss and fart in the shower

This man first told me this while I was dressing up after taking the shower, but he also sent me this e-mail. It must be a major issue for him.

There is no book written about etiquette for escorts, masseurs or other similar jobs. However, the job as an erotic masseur —or whatever kind of personal service!— has some non written rules that I’d categorize as “common sense”.

I never chose not to fart and piss in the shower. It’s something I’d really never do in no context where there is someone else in the next room, be it a customer, family or my lover. I guess we all like to spare the people we respect from the gross parts of life.

An escort asking for a thousand bucks an hour has not only to dress accordingly, but also have an extremely elegant attitude. Customers of all kinds value this. They can fart and pee if they want —as I’ve seen and heard it myself—, but they are the customers.

Clean erotic massage

My service is a very polite and neat one. Some customers tell me “you should be taking more than twice what you are asking for hour”. But I prefer to keep it steady and keep the same price for local customers and for all the international customers and arabic sheiks.

I like to keep it clean, elegant, polite and warm. Erotic massage is a special experience in the lives of many a man. That’s what you might be looking for, and that’s what you get by hiring me.

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See you in Barcelona!

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