Gay massage in Spain
Naked gay massage

Naked gay massage

The naked gay massage is for all men who wish to enjoy a sexually exciting experience.

Because erotic massage can also provide this amazingly sexy bodywork!

Why naked gay massage?

There are two kinds of men who request a massage.

  • Receivers
  • Mutual action

Receivers are the ones who just need the feeling of being worked on. Usually they don’t ask the masseur to be nude. We have a special offer for them, and it’s the Relaxing massage.

By the way, Prostate massage is also one of the mosts frequent massage requests we get.

The mutual action customers need some extra stimulation. So visuals as watching a naked masseur is sexually exciting to them. Besides the fact of touching the masseur. Not just his arms though. Intimate touch as caressing the masseur’s chest or even touching the masseurs’ intimate parts.

All these extras make the experience much more exciting. And almost sexual!

After all, our massage service is a very intimate and exciting one. That’s why we call it “erotic“!

Naked gay massage

Eroticism is the reason why we also offer the very special naked massage. Because more and more men are curious to experience this sexy bodywork. Obviously it goes beyond the regular legitimate massage experience!

Naked gay massage timings

Since every man has his own schedule —some like is short and intense. While some others need a very extended and mindful massage that lasts 90 minutes or even 2 hours. Some of our customers though need 3 hour massage sessions. We have the needed expertise to serve them. Without leaving one single minute of boredom not knowing what to do!

  • 45 minutes naked massage
  • 60 minutes naked massage
  • 75 minutes naked massage
  • 90 minutes naked massage
  • 120 minutes naked massage
  • 180 minutes naked massage

You can check all the prices for naked massage here. They are all proportional.

The most popular naked massage session time is the 90 minutes one. This session has the perfect time to enjoy the most exciting erotic massage and also time enough to share some mutual one on one m4m action. Some guys call it inter-active massage though.

Naked gay massage studio

We will be very happy to welcome you at our gay massage studio. Since we are located in the city center of Barcelona it is extremely easy to find and to get to.

Naked gay massage for outcall

Let’s emphasise that we charge exactly the same price for outcall massage service. We are usually visiting the best hotels in Barcelona.

Ask for the best naked gay massage

Contact us! Choose your favourite masseur (Paco, Matt, Leo, Tyson or Demetrios). Then let us know what is the best time for you!

See you soon in Barcelona!

My friend Matt is also offering a very interesting range of erotic services. Please contact us to ask for his direct cell number and website.