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Tantra fusion

Tantra Fusion

What is Tantra Fusion all about? This is the next step beyond eroticism, namely the step heading to sexual communication.

Because sometimes erotic massage is not enough!

Tantra Fusion

First off, erotic massage has its limits. Since I am very honest about my job and everything it includes I never offered this before.

Though the demands of my customers are insisting in more and more features. In my opinion these features correspond to escort services. So I am obviously not offering all of them, though just a number of them.

When two gay men are naked a lot of temptations come up.

  • Mutual touch
  • Masturbating each other
  • Oral sex

And many more!

Of course I understand erotic massage is a very intimate experience, I that’s what I like to give and share!

Sexual excitement is also about “one thing leads to another”. And I like this!

So let’s share some of this stuff off the limits!

The reason of Tantra Fusion

I found out some guys also call it “sex massage“. Because it includes some practices that you can see under the light of sexual acts.

“My boyfriend and me set oral sex as the limit of cheating. So having oral sex is something we don’t want to share with any other man”.

While many guys have erotic massage to feel free of the guilt of cheating. Many other men just need oral sex to achieve the full sexual satisfaction. So erotic massage is not enough to them.

Tantra Fusion price

This massage menu goes far beyond the regular body to body and mutual caressing of my naked massages.

So it needs specific prices.

I am also aware of the advantages and the value of this new erotic massage. Of course every man has his personal schedule. And also his own budget. So I made up different session times so it results in a variety of choices. There is one for you for sure!

The most popular is the 90 minutes session. True massage enjoyers have their special 120 minutes session!

On the other hand, students prefer the 60 and the 45 minutes sessions. It’s a shorter massage time though with equally highest intensity in sexual excitement!

60 minutes Tantra Fusion: 250 €

Share with me the full hour amazing session!

90 minutes Tantra Fusion: 350 €

Many men think one hour passes too quickly. This is the ideal time in all aspects. You’ll have time to achieve more than one climax!

45 minutes Tantra Fusion: 200 €

Short budget? Student? In a rush between meetings? So have it fast and furious!

Tantra Fusion Massage features

This is the top erotic Massage therapy! It includes all the erotic massage resources, grips and positions included in all other massages. Plus nudity, mutual touching, mutual stroking and also oral sex. This is the ideal experience for most of gay men.

I am available anytime 24 hours. Just make your reservation and lay back to enjoy!

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Call me if you need to talk about the details: +34 676 648 226

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