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Relaxing massage

Relaxing Massage

What do you expect from a Relaxing Massage? Some peaceful ambience, the right calm atmosphere. Some soft massage grips…

Calming Massage

And maybe some more relaxation. I confess my Relaxing Massage goes a step further than other similar therapies.

The true goal of this Massage is just the following: setting up a massage session that is peaceful and calm. My therapy and soft strokes will empty your mind. I use certain secret techniques for you to achieve a very special state of mind. Like in a trance, you will forget about real life and worries.

Relaxing Massage effects

Beyond relaxation and sensuality, my Relaxing Massage has a “magic effect”, as some customers put it. It achieves an emotional balance in your attitudes about life. Worries feel much smaller and you will feel empowered to control your life again.


My Relaxing massage is a session that takes full 60 minutes. I never interrupt the session pace if you are in this special trance and make it last about 75 minutes.

Many customers see this therapy as the “basic massage” and are asking for lower prices. No problem! I can also offer you a 45 minutes session, with shorter body to body massage time but the same feeling of soft trance.

60 minutes: 120 €

This is the full Relaxing Massage session. The protocol is set up to last 55-65 minutes.

45 minutes: 90 €

This is the sort Relaxing Massage session. The protocol is set up to last 40-50 minutes.

Relaxing Massage features

Since this is a Relaxing therapy I will be using some tight underwear. It is a “receiving massage” so there is no interaction. I avoid all the most exciting grips to achieve your deepest relaxation. This is an ideal massage before going to sleep.

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