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Prostate massage

Prostate Massage

What do you expect from a Prostate Massage? This is the Medium Erotic Massage in my three-stepped erotic intensity scale of erotic massages. Need more details?

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Prostate Massage

This therapy achieves a bit less relaxation than the previous Relaxing Massage. Since this “menu” includes some sexier grips and techniques you will achieve some higher erotic voltage!

The special features are about working your inner legs: testicles area, anus, prostate… This is a really hot and exciting massage!

So no surprise that the prostate stimulation lovers always choose it! It is indeed a very special pleasure!

Prostate Massage effects

There are many very sweet and sexy effects. Because anal Massage is some exciting and sexual stimulation. Prostate stimulation lovers know exactly what they expect from this kind of erotic therapy. Most of my fans also confess their main reason to visit me is this so special massage style.

Massage prices

Price is relevant to most of my customers. So I developed different options and price levels.

So students and men in a hurry prefer the 45 minutes session. It’s the ideal solution for them!

While high demanding guys instead prefer to enjoy it for some longer time. They don’t miss a single grip and position included! The full massage session is the 60 minutes bodywork.

Spanish customers have been asking for a low cost Prostate Massage. They can enjoy a reduced 45 minutes session. Express massages feature a shorter body to body massage time though. But the same spicy prostate grips!

60 minutes Prostate Massage: 150 €

This is the medium length Prostate Massage session. The protocol is set up to last 75 minutes.

90 minutes Prostate Massage: 225 €

This is the extended Prostate Massage therapy. The original massage protocol is set up to last 90 minutes.

Consequently the one hour session has a few less grips and less time to enjoy.

45 minutes Prostate Massage: 110 €

This is the short or “express” Prostate Massage session. The main focus is on anal massage. While there is less time for the body to body contact. It is also performed on a massage tatami or Japanese bed.

Prostate Massage features

The most obvious feature is I will be massaging all your anal area. From sphincter to prostate. I will use many of my fingers to adapt to your personal size.

Sometimes I use my thumb, sometimes two fingers. Usually I can get you to relax anal muscles to allow the use of several fingers.

  • Sexually exciting
  • Sweet and pleasing
  • Never hurting
  • Simultaneous with testicle massage
  • Lingam massage at the same time

Since this is a non reciprocal therapy I will be using some tight underwear. Because most of the times the receiver is not interested in touching me back. So I decided to make this massage as a receiving therapy.

More about prostate massage

Please check this page for more detailed information on Gay Prostate Massage.

This is a “receiving massage” so this means there is no mutual interaction. So touching me back is a privilege I’m offering the Naked Massage menus.

Please check the other massage menus as the Relaxing Massage— and the Extremely Erotic Naked Massage.

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