Gay massage in Spain
Massage experience

Massage experience

A “Massage experience” is very different from a “regular massage”. Why do my customers use words like these?

Massage experience

“This time with you hasn’t been the regular massage. Because you go much further. You deliver a very special experience involving not just my body but also my intimate emotions. Thrilling!”

When I think how to describe my gay Tantra massage service I usually have a hard time finding the right words.

My customers instead see it clearly and some of them are able to put it into very interesting words. On top of this, it can be useful for other men to understand. Specifically for those searching for this kind of sensual massage.

Gay massage experience

“Gay massage is usually some flat plain masturbation. Your work is very elegant though. We didn’t need to jerk off each other. I just had this un-announced yet irresistible climax while you were holding me. How did you do that?”

My goal is delivering a special massage. Tantra techniques and the control of ejaculation, for a start. Also the body to body massage and many other grips. These are part of the special ways to achieve this unique sensual therapy.

“You are not the regular gay masseur. And your job is not the typical hand-job. This is a new dimension in male on male sensuality”.

Masturbating is for free. Everybody can do this, and every man knows the way to achieve his best climax with these “self-loving” grips.

My job as an erotic Tantra masseur is creating a new experience. So also a special mood, different from all you have lived before.

Gay massage experience in Barcelona

“I am usually hiring escorts in every city I visit. But your pictures were appealing to me and I gave in to try something different. I am very happy I did this! Thank you for delivering this so special experience!”

You are free to choose whatever is more convenient for you: in-call massage at my studio or out-call bodywork in your hotel room.

I also understand all these guys who prefer the sexual services that an escort Offers. As my friend Matt.

Massage prices are exactly the same for both services!

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It is as easy and as fast as calling me! If you want to be safe please book ahead of time to be sure I’ll be available at the place and time that best fits your agenda.

Paco: +34676648226

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