Gay massage in Spain
Local massage customers

Local massage customers

My local massage customers are about 50% of my total customers. Yes, international customers are abundant in my appointments. But let’s speak about my locals this time!

Local massage customers

I am frequently asked about this. Men asking this question are usually from there States or coming from Asian countries:

“Do you have local massage customers as well?”

Of course I do. Because local customers are men who enjoy my massage services on a weekly, monthly or semestral basis. It obviously depends on their personal agenda and individual needs.

International customers think I am focused only on international businessmen or tourists because this website is written in English. This might be the reason for them to ask me about this detail.

My local massage customers

My local customers are the solid rock of a guaranteed service. Masseurs with no local customers are not reliable. Because they are probably only serving first-timers with no recurring customers. That’s not me.

Local massage customers don’t ask

On the other hand, my local massage customers are never asking about international customers. I am quite sure they think I am only serving locals.

If they are ever curious at all about other customers it’s this issue:

“Do you have celebrities among your massage customers?”

Local massage customers wonder how frequently other Spanish men and men in Barcelona are visiting my massage studio. Many of these men would like to know if there is a pattern for frequency. My answer is always the same:

“Enjoy a massage whenever you feel you need it”.

Local massage customers prefer my studio

My gay massage studio is the most requested place to enjoy my erotic Tantra massages. Most of my local customers are married or have a partner. So the only option is visiting me. I’m conveniently located in the real city center of Barcelona.

Out-call for local massage customers

I am also serving my erotic gay massage to men who prefer to enjoy it at their private apartments or home. Late night massages are much enjoyed home! After the massage these men can stay in bed, fall asleep and wake up only the next morning. Isn’t this absolute luxury?

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