Gay massage in Spain
Lingam massage

Lingam massage

Lingam massage is the Sanskrit expression to describe “penis massage“. This very exciting and sexual massage is one of the most secret techniques of Tantra wisdom.

What is lingam massage?

You can call the penis whatever you like. Call it “dick”, “lingam” or “rod”. Some other like to say “Jimmy” or “John”.

Massaging your penis is not a regular grip. I mean, making it a special experience in the context of an erotic Tantra massage is not just plain masturbation. There is a huge ritual around it!

The ritual of penis massage will be longer and more elaborate the longer your session.

Gay Lingam massage

Not too long ago Tantra massage was a privilege for straight men. By then all Tantra masters were straight and no male master wanted to serve another man.

Fortunately gay men started to learn Tantra techniques. Lingam massage is one of them.

Expert lingam masseur

Who knows best how to massage a penis than another man? I know what I like, I know how I like it and I can understand the different masturbation styles I am using on myself and on my sexual partners.

Man on man massage has all the benefits and advantages of knowing each other well.

Discover lingam massage in Barcelona

Having a lingam massage in Barcelona can be a wonderful discovering! Try it here and now!

Call Paco: +34 676 648 226 

In-call Lingam massage

I can also serve you at my gay massage studio. I am located in the very city center of Barcelona. My studio is a really nice and discrete apartment. Always absolutely clean!

Whenever you take the decision, what is the next thing to do? On your side it’s calling me to set up an appointment. Choose the best time for you!

Lingam massage in your hotel

Let me know what is the best time for you! I can adapt to almost whatever weekday and time. I am serving hotels 24 hours.

Lingam massage in your hotel has many benefits:

  • Save time
  • Save taxis
  • Don’t expose your profile on massage parlours
  • Fall asleep in your own bed!
  • Besides having a more intimate session
  • Use your time while I’m traveling to you to answer your calls and e-mails.

Another amazing advantage of having the massage in your hotel is we can improvise an erotic shower —for naked massages and erotic shower massage.

Booking your lingam massage

Booking is this easy!

Call me now or send me an SMS with your request: +34 676 648 226

Go on exploring my website for more info about prices etc:

See you in Barcelona!

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