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Hammam and massage

Hammam and massage

I love Hammam and massage! As you guess I have visited many a Hammam during my traveling years. Especially in Tunis and Turkey. The Hammam experience is an inspiration for me. And it was also the awakening for my passion for massage!

Many a story starts in a Hammam.

Hammam mysteries

Sitting in the Hammam is like being on an isolate oasis of peace. No clocks, time does not exist. You hear water drops echoing under the stone ceilings.

Maybe somebody singing:

“Bu akşam bütün meyhanelerini dolaştim Istanbulun”

Like in Ferzan Özpetek’s movie “Steam, the turkish bath”, a really nice and realistic story about bisexuality. But also a story about the tradition of owning a Hammam.

Hammam and massage

I spoke about my Muslim customers in a previous post.

All my Muslim customers are used to Hammam. The also called Turkish Bath is an extremely relevant part of the weekly and even daily life in all Muslim countries.

Hammam massages are not only deep tissue but also ex-foliating.

Hammam and massage limits

Any intimate touching is forbidden and the receiver of a massage inside the Hammam has to cover his private parts at all times.

Hammam is also a male ritual. Friends are meeting there, share conversations, the rituals of hygiene, they sing and spend their spare time.

More than massage

Hammam means much more than just massage. There is a lot going on in there. It is a meeting point for men of all kinds. It is a kind of club you visit after the job.

And it is also the only place where men can meet other men with just a towel around the waist.

There you can meet your all time friends. And those other men who glance at you in a secret way.

Once all the guys you know have left you will remain alone with the unknown ones.

Hammam and gay men

That’s when quiet conversations start. A very discrete and exciting seduction takes place. The man is sitting in front of you wearing nothing but that towel. He grins shyly. You are showed a dark secret underneath the towel.

While the double sense conversation goes on you share some steaming pan of water with this guy. Then an ice-cold one. You giggle, you laugh.

I absolutely love Hammams!

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