Gay massage in Spain
German gay massage

German gay massage

German gay massage customers have quite different expectations —and habits. I always say all individuals are different because no topics about groups are true. But I guess there are a few common features. So let’s analyse them!

Why German gay massage?

German men can sometimes enjoy some very good massages for just 100 €. Massage prices are different in all German cities. Berlin and Frankfurt are far more expensive. In Germany the prices for the exactly same service can range from 60 € to 300 €.

German gay massage customers

What I know about german customers is their high expectations in many departments. German men value the ambiance, the details, the perfection, the nice attitude and also punctuality. All these are aspects to value the professional treat of a masseur.

German men also focus on the balance of quality and price. This is why German men are ready to pay more money for a better service.

Though German men on a low budget know perfectly what they can expect.

“I asked you for your best massage. You know you are pricey. Anyway you have exceeded my expectations by very very far!”

German men’s expectations

When we talk about our customers my fellow Spanish masseurs tell me so:

I really get pissed with all the questions German men make before ever hiring me. Most of the times they don’t even hire me. They are really picky!”

German men compare prices, locations, quality and pictures. They also compare the way you answer. They are allergic to arrogant attitude or ambiguous answers.

German men are straightforward. No bullshit, clear answers and to the point.

I am half german

My german family has had a big influence in my interests. Values as perfectionism, responsibility and punctuality are a relevant part of me since I was a child.

“It shows you are half german. We speak not only the same language but we also understand what we mean beyond words”.

Almost all German men speak English and they often address to me in this language. They also value the fact I speak native German. It makes us feel closer and as if we knew each other for a long time.

Erotic massage for German gay men

There are few German men who never tried erotic Tantra massage before. Many of them come with the right attitude and respect for a masseur.

German men are trained in being the perfect customer. They let me take the lead and not only enjoy but also observe my protocol.

“Everything you do on me is just wonderful! You seem to know me better than myself!”

Gay massage for german men

If you are visiting Barcelona and you are interested in enjoying the amazing gay Tantra massage please feel free to contact me. Even if this is written in English I will answer German phone numbers in German.

Paco: +34676648226

I also have a blog in German:

Gay customers from the World

I wrote a post about asian customers. I will also write posts in the future about Muslim customers, Italian customers, North American, Canadians, Brazilian, French and Spanish customers. All of them are always different from each other. But it’s interesting to see what they have in common!

Please check and you’ll find interesting informations. I’m updating my blog with new posts on a weekly basis.

See you in Barcelona!