Gay massage in Spain
Gay massage studio

Gay massage studio

Our new gay massage studio is located in the very city center of Barcelona.

Specifically in the heart of Eixample, also know in the gay community as Gay-Eixample. The si where most of the gay businesses are located. From restaurants to shops, bars and cosmetics.

This is the best place in Barcelona for you to enjoy the most wonderful massage!

Gay massage studio

We have been really picky before choosing this apartment and this location though. Because we want to accomplish the most elaborate and highest expectations for our customers. As we always say, customers rule! Because customers are our fiends, and we take good care of our friends!

Our service is always about quality. Though in all aspects. Service, location, options. Of course also hygiene and discretion are extremely relevant to us. If you know us already from previous appointments you already have proof of it!

We are also proud to offer the sexiest male masseurs in town. So the amount of recurring customers is the biggest one in Spain for a gay massage studio!

Gay massage studio location

Location is relevant though! Besides having a wonderful studio, it needs to be in the city center.

This is what we offer you about the location itself:

  • Central location in Barcelona
  • Located on a broad and well known avenue: Carrer Diputació
  • Close to Paseo de Gracia
  • Close to Universitat station
  • Metro station close by (one corner)
  • Discrete building
  • Traditional bourgeois building
  • Surrounded by excellent restaurants and other useful venues
  • Close to many excellent and well known hotels: Cram, Mandarin Oriental, Olivia, Catalonia Ramblas, Majestic, Claris, Palace, Alma.

If you are hosted in any of these hotels, we are really close to you! Though you know we can also perform outcall massage service. Whatever is most convenient for you!

Gay massage studio features

We need some big and spacious rooms to deliver the perfect massage service. Because the demanding gay men are our natural target.

  • Spacious rooms for erotic massage
  • Air condition for Summer
  • Heating for Winter
  • Two massage rooms
  • Spacious bathroom
  • Special configurations for couples: together or separate rooms
  • Additional cabinet for therapy massage
  • Silence
  • Privacy
  • Right lighting
  • Clean air
  • Scented atmosphere
  • Music system for soft audio

If there is anything else we did not think about please let us know. Because our goal is pleasing you!

Gay massage studio benefits

As you know, there are many options for men wishing to enjoy gay massage. You can either request an outcall massage service to your apartment. Or a service for massage to hotels. These options save your transportation time. They also offer the convenience of not moving from your space.

Visiting our gay massage studio has different benefits instead.

  • The right atmosphere
  • An oasis in time and space
  • Enjoying all the benefits of professional erotic massage
  • We know ho to pamper you in many aspects
  • Have a drink with us!

Feel like the guest we like to welcome!

Paco likes to mix some excellent Gin&Tonics! Please let him know so he has everything ready for your visit!

Gay massage studio for individual massage

Individual massage is the most popular service though. With us you will feel pampered and really taken care of!

Please check our naked massage prices, also prostate massage and relaxing massage. So you have a really wide range of services and prices to choose from!

Gay massage studio for couples massage

More and more gay couples are discovering the benefits of erotic massage. Either together on in separate rooms, gay partners can now enjoy the sexiest features of sensual massage!

  • Separate rooms
  • Together

We can serve you in separate rooms, so one masseur for each. Because this way you will be able to concentrate in your own masseur and let go. Follow your own pace for sensuality and intimacy with your masseur. So regardless of what your partner is thinking of you! Jealousy? Not today!

You can also enjoy a “three-some massage” sharing one masseur for both of you. So this way benefits are the better price and also the pleasure of exploring complicity.

Furthermore, many couples want to have a “four-some” massage experience, being together with two masseurs. You’ll be also able to switch masseurs at any time. This is a really hot experience!

Gay masseurs available

Check all of our gay masseurs here. Matt, Leo, Tyson and Paco can serve you at our place. Though please don’t forget to set up an appointment!


Before making a decision please call Paco if you have any questions!

Paco: +34676648226

You are also welcome to explore our website and blog for information in more detail:

See you soon!