Gay massage in Spain
Gay massage Sitges

Gay massage in Sitges

Gay massage Sitges is the answer for many guys. Ever wondered if there’s a way to melt massage with something more sensual and even sexually arousing?

Well, the answer is Gay massage Sitges!

We are four erotic gay masseurs: Paco, Fred, Tyson and Matt. We are serving erotic Tantra massage in Sitges during this Spring and Summer 2019.

Check our specific contents for Hotel massage in Sitges.

Gay massage Sitges

Now you have the privilege to enjoy Sitges. All of its beaches, gay life, cruising… Also night life and social life. After all these you’ll also be in the need of enjoying some intimate massage. Erotic fantasies are intense while and after strolling around all those sexy guys populating Sitges.

You may need some blissful release from tensions. Well, or just for the sake of it!

Gay masseurs in Sitges

Or maybe you can’t have enough and those guys on the street are not your style. So if you desire some virile masseur that’s us. The four of us are on the masculine side of gay men though.

There is a masseur for your fantasy. You can now fulfil your erotic fantasies and erotic summer fantasies with one of us. Or two! Just call and let us know who is the perfect gay masseur for you.

We are Paco, Jack, Angelo, Leo, Tyson and Matt. As you can see on the pictures we are very different types of guys. You can choose among the sexy, hairy and experienced bear masseur —Paco or Jack—. Then you have Tyson, the black masseur, lean and smooth guy. Or the super-endowed lean masseurs Matt and Angelo.

Paco is a mix of Spanish and German, Tyson is a black Caribbean and Matt a young Italian. Hard to choose?

Leo is from Bilbao and Angelo from Venezuela.

While Paco, Jack and Tyson are on the expert side, you can also choose the young gay masseurs.

Booking your gay massage Sitges

This is the easiest part of the process: just call +34 676 648 626. Then set up a time for your meeting. So you can use this phone to ask us everything you need to know.

4-hands gay massage Sitges

Finally, you are welcomed to choose two of us for a gay couple massage. So whatever combination you prefer. Because if you are three friends we’ll be happy to serve you all three! Since we are four guys we can serve a maximum of 4 men at the same time.

Black & White massage: Leo + Tyson.

Daddy & Son massage: Paco + Matt.

Daddy & Son massage: Paco + Alek.

Couple gay massage Sitges

We also serve couples in two different ways. You can choose one of us to serve you both at the same time. This way we will build up some kind of three-some massage.

You can also order two masseurs, one for each of you. It is always your choice!

Prices of gay massage Sitges

Lastly, please check our different massage menus and prices:

Relaxing Massage

Available by Paco and Leo

Prostate Massage

Available by Paco and Leo

Naked Massage

Available by Paco, Matt, Tom, Fred, Jack, Manel, Benito and Leo

For more information please visit and also

Call Paco: +34 676 648 226

See you soon in Sitges!