Gay massage in Spain
Gay massage Madrid Dario

Gay massage in Madrid

I’m quite sure you’ll find here the best masseur for your excellent gay massage in Madrid. I know all these guys personally. I chose them because they accomplish all these features:

  • Sexy body
  • Handsome face
  • Talent for erotic bodywork
  • Professional
  • Reliable
  • Escellent training in different massage styles

Call me if you need some specific advise and of course for reservations.

Paco: +34676648226.

I always stress the fact that planning ahead is safer than last minute. We are having many requests so if you fancy one specific masseur you should really call and make your reservation the soonest possible!

Scroll down to see their pictures:

  • Dario
  • Hugo
  • Sebastian

They are all very different. Though what they have in common are their amazing talent for erotic massage. Also defined body and smooth skin.

You can find even more details on gay massage Madrid.

Gay massage in Madrid

Because the capital city in Spain has a lot to offer in many departments. As you already know, the list of museums to visit in Madrid is endless. The gastronomy offer is also amazing and broad. Though when it comes to gay massage in Madrid there is a few word of mouth. Since these recommendations are not too spread.

So be the first to speak about us!

The best gay massage in Madrid

As an erotic masseur I am constantly introduced to new masseurs. We contact each other when we travel and we get personal recommendations from friends in common. Sometimes we need somebody to back us up while we are traveling.

This is when nice contacts come so handy. That’s how I come to offer you the best gay massage in Madrid.

I personally chose all of these sexy guys among the best —you bet I discarded dozens of other guys. I know what my customers like. So I know what you are probably craving for when you wish to enjoy some sensual massage in Madrid. Facial beauty, toned and sexy body, sweet and sexy attitude.

And of course first quality massage talent.

Why does not everybody value reliability? Well, we do! If you ask for a feasible appointment they’ll be there on time!

The sexiest gay masseurs in Madrid

Dario, Hugo, Adrian and Sebastian are very different in many aspects. You might call me to discuss your personal preferences. So I can suggest the masseur who is best fitting your individual expectations.

Call me +34 676 648 226 —Paco.

Or check directly to use their specific ways to contact.

Gay massage Madrid Adrian
Gay massage in Madrid

You are also welcomed to visit for closer details.

Please understand that some of the masseurs are not sharing their faces on the internet. They are also not willing to send face-pics over e-mail or whatsApp messages. We know you respect personal preferences. Sharing face-pics over the internet is extremely dangerous these days.

We know because many of our customers are using landscapes or pets on whatsApp instead of their faces.

Prices for gay massage in Madrid

We share a lot of criteria when it comes to prices. Madrid is a more expensive city than Barcelona in many aspects. Though we respect the top quality massages with the same prices as in Barcelona. Because we just want to offer your best gay massage in Madrid no matter what!

Relaxing Massage

This is a very calm and soft massage. It includes happy ending. This is the perfect therapy for men suffering from stress or jet-lag. It is a spiritual and peaceful therapy.

The full hour is 150 €.

Please note the masseurs are using some underwear since the goal is your relaxation. Because serenity is not compatible with extremely intense sexual excitement.

Medium Erotic Massage

The full hour is 150 €. It inlcudes penis (lingam-massage) anal, prostate massage and testicle massage. This massage also includes some hot body to body massage.

Please note the masseur is using some underwear. Since goal is not maximum sexual excitement.

Please check the next massage option if you are craving for our naked massage!

Do you wish to enjoy the 90 minutes massages? We recommend our naked and Extremely Erotic massage of 300 €. This is the best and hottest option!

Extremely Erotic massage

This is the only naked massage we are performing.

The full hour is 200 €, an amazingly hot and exciting experience! This is the most intimate and passionate erotic gay massage you’ll ever find.

We can also offer a 75 minutes session for 250 €.

One hour and a half is 300 €. This is the full therapy session, going through all the erotic grips including all these:

  • Penis massage or gay lingam massage
  • Body to body massage
  • Testicle massage
  • Anal and prostate massage
  • Mutual caressing, also intimate

The full body to body massage is a passionate and extremely exciting bodywork. You can’t miss this once being in Madrid!

Gay massage in Madrid has a specific website:

More information on

So please check this website to call your gay massage in Madrid.

Specific e-mail for next day or next week reservations:

You can also call directly if you have any questions or if you need a really fast reservation.