Gay massage in Spain
First time Tantra

First time Tantra

First time Tantra massage is a very exciting experience! You just need some curiosity and feeling horny. That’s all!

“This was the first time I’m having a massage like this. And it won’t be the last! You made it happen!”

First time is always very special. To some it is blended with nervousness. To some others there’s a lot of curiosity. To a few there’s even fear involved. Scenic panic!

No need! it’s all about my job. The success is my responsibility only!

First time Tantra

The first time is always a very important moment. Something you will remember for the rest of your life. Wether it’s good or terrible!

  • You searched the internet
  • You are interested
  • You really wish to have this special massage!
  • This is the right time and the right place for you!

First time Tantra for straight men

More and more straight men are feeling a strong curiosity about a male on male intimate experience. A massage is the safest environment to test, check and experiment.

  • No emotional hurts
  • No higher expectations as penetration or oral sex
  • No gay etiquette to feel tight to
  • You can stop it anytime
  • You choose your masseur
  • No casual nor anonymous encounters
  • HIV-proof. 100% with me!

I have served many straight men. All of them have valued my honest respect for their personal limits and red lines. I take my job seriously. I’m not in this just to have fun.

“Your job is a responsible one. You know what you’r doing. I felt safe all the time with you. Now I know I feel attracted to men. But I also learned that I don’t like just any kind of man and any kind of sex. Tender and slow touch makes me feel safe and comfortable. I need to be in control”.

First time Tantra for gay men

Gay men are known for having had everything that exists on this planet. Gay men have tasted all kinds of foods, thousands of weird-named cocktails and have had all the sex styles you can imagine.


Nope. For many gay men Tantra massage is a myth, something like a non-existing beach they heard about. But never tried it.

“I just like sex. Massage sounds boring”.

“My expectations are too high, I want something really hot —and I guess massage is just warm”.

“Why having a massage if I can have free sex in a dark room?”

A gay man can get used to the best stuff in a heartbeat.

“This is what I really like about sex: slow, passionate, mindful. Your massage is sexier than sex. How do you do that!”

First time Tantra conclusions

Erotic massage is not sex. And its not here to substitute anything.

“You use the best of massage and the best of sex. This in-between is fascinating!”

Erotic gay massage will open the doors to new sensual experiences. And even to your imagination. You will practice new stuff with your partner and boost your sexual life in a new direction.

There is a right time for everything. You just need to follow your guts and listen to your inner voice.

Book your first time Tantra

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