Gay massage in Spain
DL masseur

DL masseur

“DL masseur” is a concept I never thought about. Until this guy from Chicago asked me “are you on the DL?”.

Thank God I have read all of E. Lynn Harris’ novels, from “Invisible life” to his last one. I also read J. L. King’s “On the Down Low”.

So I knew and understood what this guy was looking for. Absolute discretion. No gay stuff, no flashy attitudes, no queens and no drama. Man on man pure.

DL masseur

Discretion is an extremely relevant aspect of my job. I understand everybody’s need to protect intimacy and private life. Most of my customers are engaged in either one or other way. To a man, to a woman. I really don’t ask and don’t care about it. I focus on my job.

In this sense you could say I’m also on the “Down Low”. I never share no kinds of information about my customers. This is nobody’s business.

“You said you would never contact me again. Ever. And that’s true. I had a massage with you like 4 years ago. I never got any kind of intrusive information —though I secretly wished I did! So it’s me contacting you again”.

DL masseur in Barcelona

I am based in Barcelona. This is where I was born and where I got back after some years working in countries like Germany and Brazil.

I have faced all kinds of personal situations in my own private life. And I have met men of all conditions, races, beliefs and family situations.

“I love my wife. I adore her! But I need some special massage like this every now and then. I hope you don’t judge me!”

Of course I don’t!

I have had relationships to married men. Bisexual men are as frequent as invisible.

To society the bisexual man does not exist. They just tag you in one of two categories: either you are straight or gay.

“I swear I love men and women. I feel sexually aroused being with a man and with a lady. Of course I have my own preferences about men and women. I don’t feel attracted to just any chick or any dick!”

Erotic massage by DL masseur

Massage is my calling and my passion. Though I am more passionate about erotic bodywork than about other kinds of therapies. Erotic Tantra is fascinating to me.

“You are so passionate about your job! It shows you like it! You are able to share this very intimate and masculine sexy energy. You are very gifted!”

I just can’t help it!

“That’s what I wanted. Some kind of slow sex or lovemaking massage. Sweet yet sexy. You are in command all the time but I didn’t feel pushed. It felt natural and spontaneous. There was no strict protocol on your side. Magic massage!”

DL masseur for outcall

I am serving mostly outcall massage. To most of the men visiting Barcelona it feels easier and more convenient. I knock at your room door at the time you want me to.

  • You save taxis
  • You save time
  • You can stay in bed and relax after the massage
  • You take a shower whenever you wish
  • Use your credit card

As easy as this!

Order you DL masseur

And as fast as this! Just call me or send me an SMS:

Paco: +34676648226

SMS or whatsApp: +34676648226

You’ll find much more information and prices about my erotic Tantra massage on

See you in Barcelona! Absolutely on the DL!