Gay massage in Spain
Daycation massage

Daycation massage

Daycation massage is the perfect therapy when you have a short slot of time. Maybe waiting for a flight connection, suffering a very inconvenient delay… or just because!

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How you feel now

Did you ever find yourself on the streets of a foreign city with nothing to do and nowhere to go?

Your hotel forced you to check out at noon. You still have 8 hours until having to leave for the airport. And you are still tired and stressed from the business meetings in Barcelona.

Visiting museums sounds like an effort. Walking through a park is not an option either.

After having lunch, what else can you do on a hard restaurant chair?

Yes, you need a hotel room. Just for a few hours.

What is “Daycation”?

This is a new term to describe short hotel stays. Hotels know about it because the multinational enterprises are using this new word to promote shorter stays. And to create a new need. Smart huh!

Checking out at noon and being able to check in only at 2 PM sometimes leaves you a broken day.

Many couples and also families are using this trendy option: stay half the time, pay half. Short vacation? Not spending the night? Daycation!

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Daycation massage

Once you got into your room you can do so many things, all of them cozy, comfortable… and sexy?

You can have both: the nap and the massage! Before or after, however you like! Just call and set up a time for our visit to you hotel room.

Some other businessmen need a sexy release. This is what we also provide with our erotic Tantra massage for men.

After a nice happy ending massage you’ll fall asleep easily and your nap will be absolutely great!

Gay daycation massage

Matt and Paco are usually serving gay men. More and more straight men are curious about male bodywork and man on man intimacy. Many of them find the right chance to experience it. Some of them call themselves bisexual.

Gay massage doesn’t mean both of us have to be gay. We are just men. We don’t like using tags but somehow we are forced to do so to describe the service accurately.

We call it gay massage just to make clear we are serving men of all kinds. We also serve ladies. And we know a bunch of nice and very sexy ladies serving straight men. Just see the links at the bottom of the page!

Out-call daycation massage

Now you have your own wonderful room, your space and a time just for yourself you are in the right mood to enjoy a wonderful gay massage.

Paco and Matt can serve you right there. That’s what we call out-call massage. Barcelona is a not too big city so we cana travel quite fast you meet you. We are used to it!

You are very close to enjoy a sensual bodywork, with release or not, with body to body massage, prostate massage or not… you have a wide range of massage styles and also massage time lengths to choose from. From 45 minutes to 2 hours!

Last minute Daycation massage

Since the time frame of your daycation is so short, you might be still thinking about having a massage or not. Make up your mind and call as soon as you made a decision.

Last minute massage calls are possible, and me or Matt can serve you really quick —if still available!

Links for Daycation

In Barcelona you can use to find nice prices for short stays of 3, 6 or 9 hours. The quality range of the hotels offered is interesting: from 1 to 5 starts hotels.

If you prefer a female masseuse please check

And if you are currently in Madrid.

Or for Ibiza.

Order your Daycation massage

It is as easy as calling me right now. Don’t hesitate and don’t wait. Last minute has its risks!

Paco: +34676648226

You can find prices for Relaxing Massage, Prostate Massage and Naked massage.

And much more information on

See you in a short while!